Features of the preparation of an unusual blue tea

It is difficult to find a corner of the planet, wherever they knew, and did not like tea. It is known since the 9th century, and over the years has gained extraordinary popularity. In ancient times it was a drink for nobles and clergymen, and was used as a drink, which had a curative effect, relieved fatigue and even improved vision. Over the centuries, people have discovered more and more new varieties for themselves, and today the tea industry really has something to surprise the admirers of this noble drink. We will talk about moth peas - blue tea.

Thailand orchid

Homeland of this drink - Thailand. This is one of the most mysterious Asian countries, which is famous for the whole world with its distinctive cuisine, including drinks. Blue tea is a special honor here, because it is considered to be a kind of elixir of youth, for which it has been "hunted" for more than one century.

Prepare it from a special kind of orchids - a clitoris triple, which grows exclusively in Thailand.It gets its original blue color due to anthocyanins - natural dyes that are part of orchids.

To make the drink truly tasty and fragrant, Thais collect the blooming flowers at dawn, when they still have dew, succumb to the oxidation process, and only then completely dried.

It is this sequence of actions that helps to preserve the integrity of the buds, which then twist gently. Bay boiling water, you can watch them bloom again.

But moth peas are interesting not only by their appearance and aroma, but also by a large number of useful properties:

  1. This is a real find for women. The substances necessary for the body (iron, phosphorus, manganese) contribute to the growth of hair and improve their appearance, as well as give firmness to the nails.
  2. A large amount of vitamins of group B, and also C, E and K make this drink similar in action to dogrose broth. Both of them increase the body's defenses and help fight against colds.
  3. Blue tea really improves eyesight. And this is not magic. This effect is achieved by cleaning the eye vessels.It is recommended to drink it especially for those whose work is connected with a long stay at the computer.
  4. Polyphenols that moth peas are rich in help to break down fats much more actively and remove them from the body. All this contributes to weight loss.
  5. Such an amazing drink will also help relieve stress, forget about fatigue and get a charge of vital energy.

Tea Party Procedure

To feel the real taste and smell of blue tea, and enjoy it enough, you need to properly brew it. To do this, we recommend following a few important rules:

  1. Water should be no more than 90 degrees. Therefore, if it is not possible to set the desired temperature in the kettle, boil it and let it cool for a while.
  2. 2 tsp. flowers fill with water, drain it, and fill it again. After that, let it brew for a few minutes. Such manipulations are necessary in order to remove dust from tea and to prepare it for the disclosure of its taste.
  3. You can brew the leaves several times, the taste does not get worse. But the main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of tea leaves, otherwise the prepared drink will taste bitter.

As additives, you can use honey and lemon, then the tea will become more purple hue.

As for contraindications, you should not use it for those who are going to get behind the wheel or go to an important business meeting, because there may be a slight slowing of the reaction rate.

And, of course, it is worth mentioning the price of such a drink. If it is possible to bring it from Thailand, then it will be necessary to pay about 3 dollars for 100 grams of dried clitoria buds. In domestic tea shops, they will cost $ 1-2 more expensive. Cheaper can be purchased at Internet shops, but paying attention to the specifics of the drink, it is better to buy it at the verified points.

Now you know what moth peas should be and how to brew it, and therefore it remains only to enjoy its taste in the peaceful atmosphere of a cozy home.

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