Features of the repair of the kitchen in Khrushchev

What you need to know before you start repairing the kitchen in Khrushchev

In addition to the small area, the kitchen in Khrushchev had low ceilings and communications systems, which were laid over the walls. External and internal walls in them - concrete panels. The thickness of the internal is small, so if you decide to lay the pipe communications inside the walls, they will need to be replaced with those that have a smaller diameter. In any case, if the overhaul in the room has not been done before, you will need to replace the entire communications system, including electrical wiring, so that it can withstand the loads that will ensure the safe operation of modern kitchen appliances: microwave oven, dishwasher, etc.
In the case when you decide to redevelop, keep in mind that it will require coordination in the state architectural supervision, but it is worth it - redevelopment will help bring Khrushchev to at least some kind of compliance with modern ideas about comfortable and convenient housing.You can order a design project in a specialized bureau, its price will be small, since many of you have already reconstructed such apartments and any designer has many ready-made options.Competent installation of lighting devices will visually increase the space of the kitchen and make convenient the process of cooking.


Make a quote, which necessarily include the installation of a plastic window. The lion's share of the cost of repairs will have to be redeveloped and relocated utilities. As finishing materials, you will need to use wallpaper, paint, tile or ceramic tile - everything that is applied, glued or laid directly on the walls or ceiling. The small area and low ceilings exclude the possibility of using ceiling and wall panels, suspended ceilings and drywall, which is mounted on wooden slats or metal profile.
Considering each square centimeter of usable area, consider where electrical appliances will be placed, where a kitchen sink, dishwasher or washing machine will be installed.Draw the layout and follow it by installing the engineering communications yourself, or give it to builders who will make repairs in your kitchen.Use the repair to install a warm floor system in the kitchen, which will make it really cozy. Use those systems for which you do not need to make a concrete screed and which can be laid under the tile or linoleum.
To save space in the kitchen will help properly selected furniture, which is sure to include hinged shelves and cabinets. It can be made to order, but you can pick up the necessary set of ready-made modules that are sold in the store.