Folding table

When there is not enough space in the workshop, and you need to work somewhere, a small table is needed. But the folding or folding table is best for compactness. It can be made lowered or lifted as in my case. For the table we will need:
  • - Particle board or thick plywood;
  • - bars for legs;
  • - two hinges;
  • - self-tapping screws for wood;
  • - three powerful self-tapping screws with dowels;
  • - three washers per 8 mm;
  • - a bar for support;
  • - four corners;
  • - the bolt;
  • - 8 mortise nuts.
Mark the level of the table on the wall. We drill the holes for the dowel. We fix the bar to the wall with self-tapping screws, first set the washers. The bar burst, but not much. Glue it with white glue.
Folding table
We do not drill through holes for cutting furniture nuts in the workpieces of the legs. I unscrewed the nuts from the old cabinet and not only them. But more on that later. The legs are 720 mm long.
Folding table
Screw furniture nuts into the drilled holes. In principle, there is another type of nut, but you need to go to the store behind them. A little about marking the holes.The nut has a diameter of 11.5 mm, drill with a 10.5 mm drill. To tighten the screws you need a screwdriver with a wide sting.
Folding table
At this stage, you can fasten the corners. Corners, too, from the old cabinet. Good for this cupboard. This is not the last thing I have learned from it. Now we take to the tabletop. Its role will be performed by one of the walls of the same cabinet. The size of the table (countertops) was 1200 * 560 mm. We drill holes in it under the nuts. Also not transparent. You need to be careful in this procedure. The legs at the table are thick and easier to drill in, and here you can accelerate and drill through the table top.
Folding table
Screw the nuts. They are tighter in the chipboard than in the tree.
Folding table
We put the table top to the installation site and install the hinges. They are used for me, as well as everything in construction. Folding table
We put the legs to the tabletop and tighten. Since we have removable legs, tighten the screws to the stop. When we remove them, simply loosen the screws and the legs are easily detached.
Folding table
We take a bar and fasten it to the wall.We fasten the bolt to the bar. In principle, the mount can be different. The latch holds our worktop when it is raised to the folded state. When folded, the table does not take up space. The legs can be hung on the table itself, as in the photo on the right.