Frame for text in Word

Frame for text in WordMan has always sought to decorate everything around him and everything he touches. If you know this feeling and you want to extend it to everything that you do, even to work, you will be helped by the framework for text in the Word. Decorate your letter with them or highlight an important paragraph in the report. Frames for text in Word help to focus on a particular area, highlight the important and just give the printed word expressiveness and accuracy.

How to make a frame in the Word

This manual is devoted to the topic of how to make a frame for text in the Word version of 2013. With its help, you will quickly learn this feature of a text editor and learn to beautifully highlight parts of the written material.
The updated Microsoft Office Word differs from its predecessor in a large number of useful functions, but the layout of the buttons has changed slightly. So, if in the version of 2007 the necessary function was in the “Page Layout” tab, then now it should be searched for in the added “Design” tab.
Useful recommendation: Select a certain part of the written, and a rim is formed around it.If the region is not selected, it will appear around the paragraph at the beginning of which the cursor is positioned.
To make a frame for text in Word, repeat the following:

  1. Open the Microsoft Office Word editor and download the file with the necessary records.Frame for text in Word
  2. At the top of the screen is a toolbar. Find a tab called Design on it.Frame for text in Word
  3. In this tab, select a section called Page Borders.Frame for text in Word
  4. In the appeared window go to the "Border" tab and select the item called "Frame", then set the type (dashed, straight, double zigzag, etc.), thickness and adjust all necessary parameters for the future bordering of the selected text. If you want to surround the entire page, go to the "Page" tab. For example, we can see that we have chosen a greasy triple frame of green color and apply it to the paragraph, that is, to the selected area. If you select "Apply to text" in this drop-down list, each line will be placed in a separate border.Frame for text in Word
  5. In the new editor, you can make a frame for text not only from regular lines, but even from pictures. So you can decorate the text, giving him the necessary mood - playful, sweet or romantic. How to do it? To do this, go to the settings menu and stay on the "Page" tab.Border pattern can only be a whole page, and not a single piece of the printed. At the bottom you will see the title of the pop-up list called “Picture”.Frame for text in Word
  6. Choose the ornament you like, set the appropriate settings and click the OK button. After that, you will see that the whole text has been surrounded by a beautiful unusual frame and looks completely different now.Frame for text in Word

Thus, you can create a frame for text in the Word for any subject, ranging from highlighting the necessary paragraphs in reports, coursework or notes, ending with a listing of beautiful wedding invitations or romantic letters. Knowing the elementary rules of handling text editors allows you to reveal more and more features even in such a common phenomenon as printed text! We hope that our recommendations helped you learn how to make a frame for text in Word.