Free space - yes! The organization of space, capable of giving a sense of spaciousness

The feeling of spaciousness is one of the components of a cozy atmosphere. The desire to have as much free space in the house as possible is possible even in small apartments. The main thing is to think carefully about the arrangement of furniture and use all available opportunities. At the same time it is not necessary to be committed to minimalism. It is enough just to use the free space rationally. Another point - the presence of embedded designs. By the way, the zoning of the space also has not been canceled. Ideas worthy of implementation, weight. The main thing is to want changes and make the necessary changes to the interior. A little tricks will help.

Organization of the working area

Even in a big house you should not neglect the place under the stairs. If you want, you can place a full working area.

Hide the workplace from prying eyes and can be in the closet.

Retractable bed and not only

In a room with high ceilings, the podium will become a real find. Under it is easy to hide the whole bed.

Place for books

Usually, they try to hide something under the bed so as to visually hide the unnecessary things from prying eyes. At the same time, no one bothers to leave part of the shelves open.

Compact, saving space

In a flat closet fit the mass of necessary things. Placed along the wall they will always be at hand.

For a small bathroom, a miniature sink will be a real find.

There is no need to sacrifice convenience even with this type of accommodation.

Multifunctionality and rationalism in action

The bath does not need to have the same width. In the narrow part, you can always place a sink, while providing a convenient approach, and a wide combination with a shower stall.

By the way, this is also a sink, but foldable. Externally, it looks like a shelf with the original design, and, if necessary, unfolds.

And even coffee in bed!

Retractable table in the sofa does not take up much space.It will be an excellent alternative to a bedside table or coffee table and does not take up much space.

Optimum use of corners

Place the shelves and furniture can not only in the middle. Corner structures can accommodate much more things and make the atmosphere more comfortable.

The device of shelves for spices and groats

Attach shelves for spices can even be to the edge of the kitchen table or pencil case. You can also use the space under the shelves for storage.

Ironing area

The compact corner for the iron in assembled form turns into a usual hanging cabinet with a mirror.

Toilet facilities

Even in a small toilet there is a place for a washstand. In addition, the structure is arranged in such a way that water from the sink falls into the drain pan.

Built-in modules and equipment placement

As a storage system, the miniature module is also able to separate heating devices from other types of equipment. This is especially true in a small kitchen.

If desired, it is easy to place a cupboard and a dishwasher under one worktop. Other combinations are also possible.

Even more interesting ideas in the proposed video.