From the queen of tanning to teledivas: the beauty-evolution of Buzova

We looked at how the 31-year-old star of the last 13 years has changed - from "House-2" to the big stage of the "Olympic".

In 2004, Olga was one of those “15 cool guys” who came to build their love on Dom-2. Multi-million audience watched how 18-year-old Buzova passionately embraces Roman Tretyakov and clarifies the relationship with her rival Alena Vodonaeva Romantic student with whitened hair, an impressive layer of tanning and extended nails. Then many girls wanted to be like Buzova. Olga experimented with her hairstyles many times: she would cut, then grow, then African braids would make, then she would put shiny threads in her hair.

In 2010, already at the post of TV host “Doma-2”, Buzova succumbed to the fashion trend and slightly increased her lips. True, to hide unnaturally increased lips from the presenter did not work. And after the break with her husband, Buzova decided to radically change the image and abandon the role of one of the most famous Russian blondes.From bright platinum blonde Buzova turned into a no less spectacular brown-haired woman.

“The future is for those who break down stereotypes. And I look into my future with new eyes. Thank you, Tatyana Romanova, that together with me you are creating, not destroying, ”Olga explained her transformation, clearly hinting at the culprit of the divorce, Dmitry Tarasov.