Fruit face masks

Fruit is the favorite delicacy of many of us. Of course, it is pleasant to eat them, but the skin takes bad nutrients from food. The effect of fruit masks is greater than the eating of these products. The variety of fruits is so great that you do not have to use only exotic or expensive products. Our popular fruits are great for making cosmetics.

The effect of fruit masks on the skin

The first thing to do is choose the right fruit. Each of them has a special texture, odor, beneficial composition, effect on the skin. Almost all fruits are suitable for masks. In combination with other products, the effect of fruit masks on the skin is more varied.

Fruit masks are easy to prepare, and the effect is not long in coming. The main thing - the right choice of fruit and the absence of allergies.

Among the popular ingredients for masks with fruits are: yolks, proteins, honey, sour cream. Usually, honey needs to be warmed up to a liquid state, the proteins and yolks are separated from each other and beat.

Apple Face Masks

For oily skin, an apple face mask comes to the rescue: a small fruit is cut, cleaned. 1 part finely rubbed and mixed with protein. Keep no more than 15 minutes.

The following recipe is suitable for eliminating freckles: ½ part of an apple is ground, honey, ascorbicum and apple cider vinegar are added 1 tsp., More oil of any plant is required. Mask time is standard.

Fruit face masks

For overdried and normal skin, a finely ground apple with a spoon of sour cream is used. According to tradition, leave on face for 15 minutes. There is also a recipe for getting rid of dryness: a small fruit is cleaned and rubbed, oil is poured into the mixture. Leave the standard for 15 minutes.

To moisturize, take a medium apple without peel, cut into cubes, boil in milk until softened. The warm mixture is kept for a third of an hour, and then washed off. A similar effect gives the following recipe: carrot and apple are ground in equal parts and applied for 10 minutes.

Apples can be bought in any season, because everyone can make a mask. The effect of use will be noticeable very soon.

Such a mixture is useful for any skin: bake a couple of apples in the oven, chop and pour a beaten egg into 2 spoons of mashed potatoes.Composition to leave for a quarter of an hour. To rejuvenate the skin, the ground apple is mixed with cream and olive oil.

To eliminate excess fat and shrink pores a ½ apple mask with a tsp is used. citrus juice, 2 spoons of fermented milk product and flour. Leave the mixture for 10-20 minutes. Another approach: a spoon of mashed potatoes and starch diluted with water. Leave for 20 minutes, then do not rinse, and remove the cotton swab.

When the skin needs to be replenished and whitening helps, this composition: 1 spoon of chopped fruit is mixed with cucumber and a spoon of high-fat sour cream. Keep no more than 20 minutes.

Banana face masks

There are not less face masks out of a banana, they give a chance to get rid of various problems:

  • recharge skin. 1 grind banana, pour in honey and cream. Beat the mixture and apply for 20 minutes. Do not rinse, remove with a napkin. With the systematic use of wrinkles are smoothed, and improves skin tone. The second option: chop ½ part of the fruit, pour the yolk and 1 tsp. olive or walnut oils. Apply at the same time;
  • oily skin. For the effect of tightening the skin will help 1 spoon of mashed potatoes with 1 tsp. citrus juice and protein. Beat everything up, spread it on your face.To whiten the skin is used pulp ½ part fruit and 1 spoon of citrus juice. With constant use, pores are narrowed, excess fat production is eliminated. To combat excess fat, this recipe also helps: ½ grind banana, mix with citrus juice, honey and a couple of drops of vitamin A. Remove with a cotton swab, wetting it in calendula;
  • tonic effect. Grind ½ part of the fruit, mix with an orange slice. It is applied for a period of not more than 20 minutes, then removed with a swab moistened with water. Not suitable for overly sensitive skin;

Sweet bananas are not just delicious, but also great helpers in the fight for the beauty of the skin. This is the basis of a variety of masks for any skin.

  • normal skin type. Reheat polbanana, mix with sour cream. Apply to the face for a quarter of an hour. When dry skin is added yolk;
  • dry skin. Polbanana is rubbed, mixed with yolk, rice oil and oatmeal. Remove with heated water. Another recipe: combine a spoon of pulp with ch.l. olive oil, cream and a couple of drops of citrus juice. Overlay for 10 minutes;

Fruit face masks

  • moisturizing. Rub half-banana, add 2 tablespoons of milk. To remove with a swab;
  • anti-aging effect.1 tablespoon grated banana mixed with honey, 2 spoons of yogurt and oat flour. Remove with cold water.

Pear Masks for Face

Of the pear for the face is also created a lot of useful masks that help different types of skin. To feed and clean the skin, chop 1 pear. Boil 100 grams of pure rice without salt until sticky. Water is removed, combined in rice and mashed potatoes. The skin should be applied for a period not exceeding 20 minutes.

For any skin, this recipe is useful: 1 pear kneaded, wrung out. Combine mashed potatoes with onion juice and milk. Remove with cold water.

To rejuvenate the skin, cut the fruit into thin pieces. Mix olive oil, starch and fermented milk product in a spoon. Apply on the skin and spread the slices of fruit on top. Leave for 20 minutes.

Owners of sensitive skin, which is prone to irritation, will help the following composition: the ripe fruit is kneaded, the juice is removed. Mashed potatoes mixed in equal proportions with powdered milk. Keep no more than 10 minutes, and remove the swab moistened in chamomile broth.

For skin with excess fat content pear is finely rubbed, 2-3 tablespoons of fermented milk product are added here.Time for the procedure - no more than 15 minutes. For skin with problematic fat areas, this option will help: ½ of the fruit is cleaned, mashed potatoes mixed with tsp. citrus juice, walnut oil and 2 tsp. flour.

In the summer and autumn, do not forget about the miraculous effect of the pear. Be sure to pamper your skin with fragrant masks.

To feed dry skin, the pear is crushed, the juice is pressed. Spoon puree combined with grapefruit juice and milk product in equal proportions. For non-problematic skin, grated pear with olive oil is suitable. The compositions leave for a period of not more than 20 minutes.

If you need to improve the elasticity of a very ripe fruit is combined with honey in the ratio of a tablespoon to a teaspoon. To reduce the size of pores, the fruit rubs coarsely, mixed with 2 tsp. citrus juice.

From the pear juice is prepared a wonderful liquid that gives a chance to rejuvenate the skin and make it supple. Squeeze pear juice, mix in equal parts with vodka. Pour into a vial and leave in the dark for 14 days. After insisting, wipe the skin twice a day, but half the composition is diluted with water.

For a non-problematic skin, as well as prone to fat content, a mixture of 1 spoonful of mashed sweet and sour fruit and protein helps. Apply for a period not exceeding 20 minutes.

Masks for face from mandarin

There are many miraculous options for face masks from mandarin:

  • for dry and non-problematic skin. Dry peel, grind. Combine a spoon of flour created with yolk and fermented milk product. Apply for 20 minutes, remove with cotton pads;
  • to reduce pore size and get rid of greasy shine will help the fruit pulp, yogurt and a couple of drops of citrus juice. The mask is left no more than for 20 minutes, it is removed by water. Protein instead of yogurt;
  • To create a mask with a peeling effect for dry skin, you will need to finely chop or mash 2 fruits, pour in cream and a spoon of milled oatmeal flakes. Apply the mixture with massage movements for 15 minutes;
  • To add the necessary moisture to the skin, take the juice of 2 fruits, combine with heated milk and flakes of oatmeal porridge. Apply a thick layer, remove the swab;

Fruit face masks

  • mask for food. 2 spoons of fermented milk product are whipped with fruit pulp. Impose on the face for a period not exceeding 20 minutes. There is a variant of combining cottage cheese with tangerine pulp in equal amounts;
  • to give freshness, as well as cleaning the skin will help this recipe: tangerine is crushed and combined with starch or flour. It is applied for a period not exceeding 15 minutes, it is removed with a swab;
  • To remove peeling, clean 2 mandarins. From the inside peel the skin with soybean or peanut oil, cover the entire skin with it, avoiding eyes. Lie down for about a third of an hour, let yourself relax. Any other oil will do;
  • Another composition for skin prone to dryness. Peel various citrus dried, grind into flour. Mix 1 spoon with yolk and corn oil. Delete after 15 minutes;

Winter is the season of tangerines. Be sure to take a moment and try your favorite recipes.

  • To increase skin tone, pour fresh citrus zest with hot water, cover and let stand for half an hour. The composition of the filter, pour into ice forms and send to freeze. Face wipe with cubes every day;
  • lotion to eliminate fat. Finely chop the whole fruit with the peel, pour ½ tbsp. of vodka. Send in the dark for 7 days, strain, dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 2. The skin is processed twice a day. For non-problematic skin, pour 1 tsp into the mixture. glycerol;
  • cleansing the skin and eliminate greasiness. Use to create dishes from porcelain. Fresh tangerine peel pour 1 cup of water. Peel cut into small pieces right under water, allowed to stand for 24 hours.Tonic is filtered and applied to problem areas 2 times a day.

Persimmon Masks

A variety of persimmon masks give a chance to get rid of complex skin troubles:

  • to feed dry and unproblematic dry skin, you will need to rub the fruit, separate the spoon of mashed potatoes, combine with honey, yolk and oil of vegetable origin. Components should be homogeneous. Apply to the face for a standard period of time - 15 minutes;
  • for skin with excess fat production, this recipe will help: a spoon of fruit puree is whipped with protein. Apply for 15 minutes, remove with a cotton swab. With the systematic use of a marked decrease in pores, acne;
  • To add the required amount of moisture to overdried skin, 1/2 part of persimmon is mashed with skin. The composition of milk, yolk, sea buckthorn juice and aloe, glycerin, honey, cream. Apply to the skin with a large layer for a quarter of an hour, remove with a swab;

The second most popular fruit in winter is persimmon. This is a wonderful occasion to pamper your skin during a vitamin deficiency period.

  • to increase the softness of aging skin helps recipe from 2 spoons of mashed potatoes, mixed with the same volume of milk and a spoon of a fermented milk product;
  • to clean the skin, prone to excess fat, crushed persimmons mixed with sour-milk products, crushed potatoes, starch and protein. Apply for a period of not more than a third of an hour, remove with cotton pads;
  • for too irritable skin, a recipe of 2 spoons of mashed potatoes mixed with sour cream and curd is suitable. Apply on standard time a large layer on the face;
  • There is a prescription mask for all skin types that helps cleanse the pores. 2 parts mashed potatoes combined with a portion of rice flour or soy. When the skin is prone to excess fat content, add starch;
  • To create a lotion that is suitable for dry skin, ½ tsp is required. water without gas combined with persimmon juice and any oil. Let it brew for 2 days, process the skin 2 times a day;
  • aging skin helps lotion of ½ tbsp. water mixed with juice, glycerin in the amount of 1 tsp and cologne in the amount of 1 tablespoon. Let it brew for 24 hours, process the face daily;
  • for oily skin there is a lotion: ½ tbsp. Cologne is mixed with 3 tablespoons of fruit juice, 1 protein and 50 g camphor. Let it stand for 3 days, wipe the skin twice a day, but before using it, dilute it with water by half.

Fruit face masks

As you can see, almost any fruit in combination with sour cream or egg gives a miraculous mixture. So feel free to use your favorite treats to create your own beauty recipe.