Functional zoning: Ital-Moskov tells about the rules of the division of space

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
April 26, 2018
Functional zoning: Ital-Moskov tells about the rules of the division of space

Contrary to public opinion, high-quality interior design begins not with a fantasy flash that dawns the designer, but with consideration of more mundane topics. In the conditions of domestic construction, this fact is even more relevant: here, bright concepts are often canceled due to the pressure of a rigid framework. The inspiring leitmotif exists in the background, while the main issues of the operation of the premises are resolved. The final visualization is always a beautiful picture, but behind it lies a complex algorithm of processes that will occur in the living space.

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The whole process can be divided into several stages.

Determining the zoning theme

Often, real orders are connected with rooms of complex configuration and the specialist has to not only invent a room wrapper, but also recycle the stuffing. In each situation, you must focus on the personal preference of the customer: someone wants to expand the space, and someone to redistribute it. Depending on the situation, zoning goals are achieved through the rearrangement of furniture, the installation of partitions, arches and podiums.

Any designer is also an artist and his professional palette includes not only architectural techniques, but also artistic ones. Color, light and line also help a specialist to perfectly cope with the issue of zoning without additionally constructed structures.

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Creating a common script

Any dwelling is divided into zones. The zone is the place where the function is concentrated. The general goal of the designer is not to fill the house with a cozy decor, but to create such a pattern of interaction between zones, in the nodes of which the minor components will be organically woven themselves.

Creating a script is a fundamentally important stage in the design; its competent execution will save future residents from many problems.Using the example of kitchen zoning, we can consider the operation of this algorithm: the kitchen includes at least a storage and cooking area and a zone for its use. It remains to place each of these zones in your cell and the frame of the room is ready!

Selection of subject content

The search for subject matter takes the last and rather voluminous stage of this process. Work with smaller components of the interior is always subtle and nervous: in one composition you need to reconcile a lot of things of different dimensions. A style decision is approved with the furniture and according to it, things that are dear to the heart are selected: textiles, textures and ornaments. Thus, the existing plan of decisions is supplemented with various accents. You can not devalue the importance of decor in the interior, it always fills the living environment and completes the time-consuming process of organizing space.