“Golden Girl” from Ukraine: 10 facts about the billionaire’s daughter

24-year-old Ukrainian Yulia Stakhiva woke up famous after participating in the show “Rich Kids on Instagram” of the British TV channel Channel 4 and in the program “Live broadcast” on the channel “Russia 1”. Now the luxurious life of the girl is discussed by all and sundry.

Julia was born in a wealthy family in Ukraine, then moved to Moscow, and now lives with her housekeeper and personal driver in London. The girl does not hesitate to upload photos of leisure and parties to the most expensive resorts of our world, as well as pictures of her purchases (whether this dress or shoes from a famous designer or a new convertible). She also confesses that her parents fully provide for her life and she likes it.

“People might think that I’m spoiled, but I was born in a rich family, it’s not my fault,” Julia told reporters. - My parents worked for a long time so that I lived and studied in London and did not deny myself anything. And now they are happy that they did it.I think it is better to live on the content of rich parents than on the content of a rich man. ”

The editors of Woman’s Day, having studied the “golden girl” microblogging from Ukraine (as it was called in the media), chose 10 interesting facts from her life.