Good advice: do not mix these kinds of household chemicals with each other

Some chemicals, which are relatively safe in their own right, can become a real poison if they are mixed. Do not use these tools consistently on the same surface, do not use containers from one to store another, and even better - store them in different places! We remember school chemistry lessons to protect our life and health.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

As a result of a chemical reaction, acetyl hydroperoxide is released, which is harmful to the skin and respiratory organs.

Vinegar and bleach with chlorine

Even a small amount of chlorine gas produced by the reaction of these substances can be very dangerous!

Bleach and window cleaner

Chlorine reacts with ammonia to form a toxic chloramine gas.

Alcohol and bleach

With this reaction, chloroform is released, which, although it does not deprive you of consciousness, can cause severe headaches.

Means with alkali and acid

Many people remember that one neutralizes the other, but forget about the side effects. During the reaction, a high temperature release or even an explosion may occur!

The same product of different brands

Different manufacturers may use different active ingredients that should not be mixed. At best, the substances neutralize each other, and the tool will stop working.