Greeting card "FlowerMeadow"

Postcards made personally are always pleasantly surprised. Especially if you know what the person who gave her did, it is always double pleasant. Today we will create just such a greeting card that will precisely cheer up the birthday man.
 Greeting card
To create a card you will need: • cardboard ; • felt of pink and white colors; • semi-beads of pink and white colors; • green sisal; • glue gun; • punch curb; • curly scissors ; • satin ribbon of peach or cream color; • threads; • needle; • two-sided scotch tape; • greeting lettering; • flower patterns.
 To create a card you will need
For such a card you can choose a similar material.For example, you can replace sisal with wire, tape, or something else. Instead of a hole punch, you can use curly scissors, and replace felt with paper. But still, the idea of ​​the postcard will be preserved if you use materials from the master class. Cut a cardboard of 15x20 cm in size and fold it in half. To prevent the cardboard from deforming when bent, first slide the back side of the scissors along the fold line. The folded card has a size of 15x10 cm. We also cut a cardboard of 8x13 cm in size. This will be the basis for the entire composition of the card.
 Cutting the cardboard
Punch through the curly punch-curb of everything there are only three sides of the cardboard, since the beginning of the composition will be placed in the form of grass on the bottom and there is no need for an openwork edge.
 We break through the figured hole punch
Pasting on the blank for the postcard the basis for the composition in the center with double sided tape.
Sticking on the blank
Now fold the sisal several times and cut it into short pieces up to 1 cm long.We will also prepare 5 segments of different lengths - these will be stalks for flowers.
 add sisal
First apply hot melt glue in a thin layer on the lower part of the base, and then quickly glue the grass in a chaotic manner . Large stems should be evenly distributed.
 apply hot melt glue with a thin layer
Now you need to hide the places where glue is visible at the base of the grass. We string the satin ribbon on a thread, securing the knot at the end. Shrink to get an accordion of such length that would cover all the grass and fix it at the end.
 turned out an accordion
Sticking on hot melt and closing the edge, simulating the ground.
imitating the ground
You can use any material, including paper, to create colors. A flower pattern can be found on the Internet, or you can draw it yourself. But we will make flowers out of felt. So the postcard will look more voluminous and original. Outline the templates with a pencil and cut out 2 small and 1 large pink flowers,1 small and 1 large white flower.
 we make felt flowers
We put glue on the place where there will be a flower and firmly press the felt to the base, until the glue had time to harden. On pink flowers we glue white beads in the center, and on white flowers - pink. We also decorate with beads on the side of the postcard.
 Glue on glue
And the final touch is the inscription with the words of congratulations. One edge is cut off with figured scissors to the end of the inscription, and the second is twisted like a papyrus.
images / 7/93-obvodim-shablony.jpg "alt =" Outline the templates "title =" Outline the templates "> Glue the inscription on the double-sided tape between the colors. The card is ready!
Greeting card
 Flower Glade