Greetings from the Past: Polka Dot Skirt

Skirt and length of the pea skirt

First, decide on the style of the skirt, with its length - this is all very important. Note that in the summer season of 2014 the maxi length is popular, which has not left the podium for a couple of years. Although the polka-dot skirt will look no less impressive too. A long skirt with polka dots looks more impressive, and the mini adds an image of coquettishness, playfulness. In general, when choosing a length, you should rely only on your preferences.

But to the style of this skirt fits with great attention. For example, a fluffy skirt in peas will decorate skinny girls, and for better women it is better to choose more classic options.

Top to polka dot skirt

Note that the top in this case should be monotonous or at least almost monophonic. If you wear a T-shirt with a bright pattern or print, you will look like a bright spot. After all, the polka dot pattern in itself is already spectacular, it needs to be allowed to �play" at full power, and not try to drown out.

Here is an example: if you took a blue skirt in the peas, then stop your choice on a simple white shirt or t-shirt - this will make your image sea-like, charmingly simple.

Polka Dot Skirt Shoes

Of course, and better to take shoes monophonic. Bright colors here to anything. Heels fit well in a miniskirt in peas. For a long skirt with polka dots, you can choose sandals or sandals with a flat sole.