Hairstyle at any age plays a big role. Particular attention is paid to little girls. To decorate their heads, mothers spend a lot of money on all kinds of bows. I decided to make it myself. In this way, you can choose the perfect bow, not only in size but also in color. Here is a bow to me. For its manufacture it took me: -satcher ribbons 0.5 cm wide; -beads; ruler, scissors and pencil; -glue (I use a glue gun); -thick fishing line; -a support (I have a foam from a reel with ribbons).
 I needed
First of all, cut all the tapes into sections of 10 cm.
we cut all tapes
To make one petal, n You can fold the segment in half, face down, with a pair of tweezers to clamp the angle that you get when bent.
 hold the corner
Then, cut the corner with scissors and solder it over the fire.
 we solder over the fire
Now we need to expand the" daw "and, having combined the bottom edges of the overlap,solder bottom.
 aligning the bottom edges
 solder the bottom
So you need to do all the petals.