Hardening rules for children

The weak immunity of the child is primarily due to the propensity for frequent colds. If a baby, for example, catches cold several times a year, then this can be considered an alarming signal. In this case, does not mean the temperature and runny nose from teething or reactions to vaccinations. We are talking about acute respiratory infections and SARS.
It is necessary to begin hardening with a minimum amount of cold water. Moisten hands with cool liquid and lightly rub baby’s feet. This procedure should be carried out several times a week. It is not necessary to bathe the child in cold water or immediately arrange morning douche. By such actions you can harm a child’s body.
Gradually increase the duration of the procedures and the amount of cold water. Note that the liquid should not be icy, but cool. The best option - type enough cold water in a basin and leave it at room temperature for at least 12-15 hours.
Only after 10-14 days from the beginning of wiping the baby’s feet with cold water, you can proceed to a partial douche. In this case, the water should be in contact only with the feet of the baby. For example, put a child in a bath and quickly drench the area to the knees with water at room temperature. This procedure should also be carried out for at least a week. If during this period the child becomes ill, hardening should be postponed for a more favorable period.
In a similar way, the area of ​​drenching to the waist increases, then to the chest and to the shoulders of the child. In total, the process of training to hardening takes several months. If you regularly carry out such procedures, the child's body will largely get stronger and the child will be less prone to colds.