Conversations on souls: Anna Starodubtseva about a correct delivery, sports and an ideal figure

Become a fitonashka from instagram - what to hide - secretly dreams of each of us. Only a few can only reach the cherished goal, turning away from the distance as soon as it is proposed to abandon the treats, completely reconsider the diet and include in your workout schedule four to five times a week. Anna Starodubtseva, professional athlete of IFBB Bikini Pro, absolute champion of Arnold Classic 2013 and founder of the Star Project beauty and health school, in an interview with SUNMAG told what to look for when evaluating her figure, what problems can be encountered in the fight for the ideal and what is necessary It is necessary to include in your diet to lose weight. Do not miss!

Anya, saw your profile. With a height of 175 cm, you weigh 62 kg and you look great, the parameters are practically model: 92–65–92. So why do we keep looking at kilos all the time?

I do not know why you are doing this :), I have long abandoned this occupation, I do not weigh myself, the mirror is my main indicator of the form. I also do not allow my clients to be weighed more than once a week. And that - just for me.

In general, what should be guided when assessing yourself?

On our own genetics, namely on what we initially inherited from mom and dad. Well analyze and determine your main strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you will be able to adequately assess which zones you need to work on to improve the proportions, which zones can be “thrown off” with the help of clothes, and which ones, on the contrary, should be emphasized.

Is it difficult to maintain perfect shape?

The ideal is yes! I admit honestly, rather, it's even impossible. I'm a perfectionist by nature, and I want my body to always look perfect. Unfortunately, this is impossible, we are not Barbie dolls, but living beings, and not just creatures, but women - our body is much more sensitive and complex than the male one.

Our hormones change several times during the month depending on the menstrual cycle, which means that the body simply cannot look the same throughout the water will be observed in separate phases of the cycle, the weight and appearance will also constantly change. Therefore, it’s just impossible to live with the idea that our body should always be perfect, as this will lead to a nervous breakdown.

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You said that there was a period when you got better. What difficulties did you face when working on weight loss?

I wanted to lose weight immediately and much, like all girls, by the way. We want to get an instant result, which, unfortunately, is impossible, and therefore we begin to get frustrated: it seems that we limit ourselves to favorite tastes and pash in the gym in vain. However, this is not the case; you just need to be patient and continue working.

Another difficulty was to give up bad habits, such as the consumption of sugar, sugary coffee drinks, eating goodies at night. These were all habits developed and consolidated over the years, and such habits are not easy to eradicate.

Before you start to lose weight, what should I do? Do I need to go to the doctors? Generally, how can you hurt yourself?

It all depends on the amount of excess weight.If you have obesity or the number of extra kilos goes over 15, you should consult an endocrinologist and pass the necessary tests in order to determine the reasons for this. The doctor will help you to develop the most optimal way to combat excess kilograms.

If there are no health problems and you just want to lose weight a little and tighten your figure, it’s enough to contact a competent trainer who will make a complete analysis of your situation, genetic characteristics, schedule and food habits, as well as identify problem areas to which you need to pay special attention.

I would not recommend going to extremes and independently starting to use hard diets, cutting back on carbohydrates or fats in the diet and exhausting yourself with excessive exercise, as all this can lead to serious health problems, such as disruption of the production of female sex hormones and ovarian work, what could be the direct path to infertility.

It also happens that a certain period of time is the result, and then everything stops - the weight is worth it. Need to revise your nutrition and training system? Or is this the weight that is "our", and then only anorexia?

The state of the plateau is quite normal. This happens when our body gets used to the system of nutrition and training and stops responding to our efforts. In this case, two options. First: if you have achieved the desired result (while looking in the mirror, and not on the scales) and you are satisfied, then just continue to work on maintaining the form.

If you have not achieved the desired results, it means that we radically change the training plan, as well as adjust the diet. By the way, you do not always need to cut calories: sometimes it's just a matter of a few days to deviate from the diet, relax a little, restore the hunger hormones, the production of which grows with prolonged observance of low-calorie nutrition.

Here everything is individual, each case must be disassembled in more detail. The main thing is to remember that it is absolutely impossible to lower the calorie below 1 200 kcal per day in order to avoid the health problems that I mentioned.

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How to introduce sport into your life? You are a professional athlete, but what should simple girls do, who even skipped physical education at school? What is the minimum program for them?

I also skipped school in school.Of course, you need to start gradually, with small walks on the street, short cardio exercises in the hall. Start by simply being more active, preparing yourself physically and morally for more serious workouts.

What workouts give the greatest results?

It is very difficult to give a definite answer to this question. What is effective for one can be completely ineffective for another. After all, everything depends, firstly, on the goals of a person, secondly, on his genetics, state of health, daily regimen, and so on. There are a huge number of factors that must be considered when drawing up a training program.

What parameters need to be monitored during training?

During cardio and high-intensity interval training you need to monitor the pulse zone. After all, the effectiveness of training depends on the pulse. If, however, strength training, then it is not necessary to monitor the pulse, it is enough to pay attention to your well-being. In this case, weight is important, the time that the muscles spend under load, the rest time and the time of the workout itself. And here it does not mean at all that if it is longer and more to engage, it will be better.In strength training, the most important thing is the technique of doing exercises.

How long will the results be noticeable?

It all depends on each person, his genetics, starting point, capabilities, program and dedication. For some, the first results are noticeable after two weeks, for someone after two months. No one will give you guarantees here.

All the girls dream of an aspen waist, or at least remove the “lifeline” and belly. Is it possible to achieve this with the help of training?

Aspen waist - it either is, or it is not. This is a purely genetic aspect. If you are lucky enough to become the owner of such a waist - this is very cool, but not everyone is so lucky and must proceed from the original genetic data. First of all, proper nutrition will help reduce the size of your waist: no exercise will be effective if you eat anything.

And you can visually make an X-shaped silhouette with the help of leg and back workouts. By pumping up your back and hips a little, you'll notice: the waist will look already.

And what about the classes in these days?

You need to consider how long you have been doing sports and how well you are feeling.In general, during menstruation, doctors do not recommend practicing, since, in terms of hormones, there is a decline in the body. Levels of progesterone and estrogen reach their minimum - the output of red blood cells and hemoglobin occurs. All this together strongly influences endurance in general. But do not be sad that the workout has to be postponed - you can and should do stretching, yoga or elements of Pilates (especially if you just get up on the sports path). If you understand your body perfectly, and your training experience is quite large and you are constantly training, you can never stop the training process and do strength training on the upper body.

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Let's talk about nutrition. What must be in the diet of those who have undertaken themselves and want to get in shape?

Water, sufficient amount of protein, healthy fats, whole grain carbohydrates and fiber.

And how do you eat?

My diet is quite varied. I adhere to the system of flexible food and I love to diversify my diet. For breakfast, for example, I eat eggs in any form, for lunch, you definitely need a source of protein in the form of chicken, as well as complex carbohydrates (as an option, rice and steamed vegetables).Dinner depends on what was eaten in a day. My task is to meet my norm KBRL. In general, I share my ration in detail on my instagram page, come to visit.

What do you think about sports nutrition? What becomes a must have for those who want to thoroughly take on themselves?

I always openly say that good results can be achieved without the use of sports nutrition. Yes, if you add it to the diet, the result can be seen faster, but this is not a panacea for all diseases. For starters, I would recommend adding omega-3 and multivitamins, everything else - as the load increases.

Now in a trend intuitive food. What do you think about this?

It is possible and necessary to come to such nutrition, however it can be done only after several years of regime nutrition and counting calories.

Anya, I can not ask you what is your motivation, what makes you constantly improve and keep in good shape?

My motivation is my own progress and well-being every day. The realization that I'm getting stronger and sturdier with every subsequent training, makes me move forward and improve myself every day. Start with loving yourself - this is the best motivation.