Heated hair curlers: beautiful curls or harm to hair?

What women just don't do to be beautiful, sexy and well-groomed. Those who by nature have straight hair, dream to be the owners of romantic and seductive curls. But how to achieve this quickly and without damage to the hair? Try using heated hair rollers!

Will make elegant curls

What is it and what is it for?

Heated hair rollers are a great alternative to the forceps used by many fashionistas. This is a cross between a long-known curling iron and many favorite curlers.

But if curlers need to be kept on the hair almost all night, then heated heated hair curlers speed up the process of curling, but at the same time they have a more sparing effect on curls than tweezers.

Our mothers also went for various tricks and, for example, heated ordinary curlers in boiling water or in other ways. But today created a device that simplifies the process.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many dream of such

If you want to do a perm quickly, but have not yet decided to buy thermal rollers, then learn the pros and cons of this device.

Let's start with the good:

  • The process of curling is significantly reduced compared with conventional curlers.
  • Curled locks for a long time retain their shape.
  • The damage to the hair is less than that caused by the use of forceps.

Now we list some shortcomings:

  • Heat exposure still occurs, so that the hair with constant use of this device can become thin and dull.
  • Frequent use of heated rollers, heated to high temperatures, can make the curls brittle, split.

How to use?

Not only the quality of styling, but also the health of your curls depends on how you apply hair rollers to hair. And how to use this device correctly? There are several important points:

  1. To curls were beautiful and shiny, it is better to wash the hair before perm. It is also useful to use the air conditioner or balm, such tools will make the strands more docile.
  2. After washing, the hair should be dried, it should not be wet, otherwise under thermal influence wet hair will be adversely affected, as a result of which it can weaken.If you want the styling to last longer, then begin the process when the hair will be slightly damp, but only slightly! By the way, it is advisable not to use a hairdryer, since this will be a very large load for your curls. Wash your hair beforehand so that she has time to dry on her own before starting to curl
  3. For the best fixation hairstyle, you can use special fixing tools, such as foam or mousse. It is better to refuse from gels, they will weight curls and make them ugly and unnatural.
  4. After the preparation stage is over, you can start heating the curlers. If there is such a function, then set a certain temperature. Wait for a while, the curlers should be warm enough.
  5. It is better to perform all the actions in special gloves that will protect your hands from burns. Usually they are included in the set of curlers.
  6. Now proceed to the perm. Separate a small strand (the thinner it is, the more beautiful the curls will be and the faster the curls will curl), wind it on the curlers. Be sure to secure the tip so that it does not stick out and curl too. Secure the lock. Do the same with the rest of the hair.
  7. Specify what time it will take to curl. It depends on several factors: the thickness of the hair, the heating temperature, the desired degree of curling. But the optimal time is 15-20 minutes. Longer keep hair curlers on the hair is not recommended.
  8. Remove the hair curlers from the hair, if desired, treat hair with lacquer.

How to make a choice?

More simple option

How to choose the best heated hair rollers? There are several important points to pay attention to:

  1. Material. The condition of your hair will depend on this factor. Most often, curlers are made of ceramics, velor, teflon or tourmaline. Teflon and ceramics have the least damaging effect on hair. Velor in this regard is also not lagging behind, but many consider this option not the most convenient: curls do not hold well and slide with curlers. Although you probably just need to learn to use and adapt. Metal curlers today are practically not available, they are better not to use, for hair it is extremely harmful.
  2. The size. Diameter of curlers can vary from 8 to 32 millimeters. As a rule, the longer the hair, the larger must be the diameter. But, in general, it all depends on your desires and preferences.And it is best to purchase a set that includes hair curlers of different sizes. This will allow you to combine curls and change depending on your mood.
  3. The basis. It is on the base that the curlers are placed to heat. It should be compact and easy to use, stable.
  4. Also pay attention to the cord. Firstly, the wire must have sufficient length, and secondly, it is desirable to have an additional compartment for it.
  5. Be sure to pay attention to the attachment. They should be as comfortable to use and safe for hair (some can cause tangling). Usually, various clamps, crabs, and so on act as fasteners.
  6. Some curlers have thermal insulation on the edges, which allows to avoid burns.
  7. Overheat protection. This is convenient for people who are too busy or scattered. So, if the curlers heat up to a certain temperature, the power will be automatically turned off.
  8. The heating indicator shows the heating temperature.
  9. The heating controller allows you to control the temperature.
  10. It is also possible to set the heating time, which is also very convenient for some.
  11. The ionization function is useful because it reduces the degree of negative impact on the hair and improves their condition.


Handy thing

We suggest you to study the review of several thermal rollers from different manufacturers:

  • Electric curlers "Babyliss" - a great and almost professional option. There are many convenient functions, hair curlers of various sizes are included in the set, the heating box is compact and convenient. The form is convenient, and the heating time is minimal. But the weight of such a set is more than two kilograms, so it's not very convenient to take it on the road. The price is approximately 2700-3000 rubles.
  • The Remington curlers deserve attention too. The case is convenient, light and compact. Curlers have a different diameter, their shape is comfortable, they heat up quickly, they keep the temperature for 15-20 minutes. There is an ionization function, which is important for many. Such a set is inexpensive, namely about 1700 rubles. Many are satisfied.

There are many other models and brands, for example, Philips, Binatone and so on. They are also good and very convenient, the prices of some sets can be called more than affordable. But the final choice will depend on your requirements and wishes.

Happy shopping and beautiful curly locks!

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