“Helene & Guys” and 6 more excellent French TV shows

French TV shows are not just about love. Directors from the country of romance, travel and contrasts can and are able to shoot great stories! Detective, mystical, historical, comedic, life ... Any, in one word. We tell about the best French series, which will brighten up the autumn evenings.

“Helene and the Children,” 1992–1994

Despite the fact that the series was only two years old, he managed to win his niche and acquire an army of admirers. The main characters are six young sociology students: Nicolas, Etienne, Christian, Helen, Katie and Joanna. They live in a hostel, make friends, quarrel, make up, change, fall in love, play musical instruments, get into alterations and believe that everything will be good for them.

Megre, 1991–2005

A screen version of a series of famous detective stories by Georges Simenon about the most famous policeman, who can cope with any business. No matter how mysterious or confusing it will be, Jules Megré will certainly figure it out.Someone thinks he is cooler than Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot! We will not compare them - they are all aces in their difficult detective work. Commissioner Maigret masterfully solves puzzles while traveling around Europe. Everyone who meets Jules on his way has his skeletons in the closet, and he needs to do everything so that no one else gets hurt.

Falco, 2013–2016

The show is not about a famous Austrian musician, but about a young lieutenant of the French police who is wounded in the head during a police capture. A man falls into a coma and ... wakes up only after 22 years. During this time, much has changed: the Internet is available always and everywhere, the cars have changed their appearance ... My wife has long lived with another man, the little daughter has grown, and her partner has reached the police commissioner. Now Alexander Falco will have to re-learn to live, get used to the changes and find the person who ruined his life.

“At the Call of Sorrow”, 2012–2015

Mystical and rather gloomy series about people who rose from the dead. It seems that relatives only need to rejoice, but it took a lot of time, they already got used to the loss, learned to live again, someone even started a new family.And one day friends, relatives, friends, acquaintances by some miracle return to their native city, not realizing that they are no longer alive. And no one is waiting for them ...

Inquisition, 2012

Historical mini-series, which takes place in the XIV century. The protagonist is the great inquisitor Barnal, who, along with his pupil, arrives in the city of Carpentras where a monstrous crime is committed - the priest is killed ... Barnal will not only find out who is behind this, but also to be in the center of the power sharing: the priests are struggling to get the status of the pope, and the means to achieve the goal they are not interested. The main thing is to take a fast, even if for this you have to break all the commandments of God.

“House of Tolerance”, 2010–2013

The series, which allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of the XIX century and learn about the life of "night butterflies" known throughout Paris brothel "Paradise". Here cream of high society, wealthy men, officials, French elite are pulled together. They come to satisfy their carnal needs and feel still welcome. Two "workers" of the brothel, Rosa and Vera, as well as the mistress of Paradise, Madame Hortense, want to escape from the personal "hell" and start life from scratch, not remembering the nightmares,that they had to endure while working in a house of tolerance ...

"Bureau of Legends", from 2015

Paris. An agent under the guise of Guillaume Debally returns home after successfully completing a six-year assignment in Syria. He did everything that the French authorities wanted from him, and now with a sense of accomplishment, he can take the post of director in a large office, live a quiet life, enjoy every moment, but the past does not leave him alone. Debally, even in Paris, continues to live under his Syrian name and does not want to cut off the connection with the woman he fell in love with when he was on a mission.