Hemorrhoids in women: getting rid of an uncomfortable problem

Hemorrhoids are a disease that is not customary to talk out loud, it is difficult to discuss with relatives or friends, the current false opinion about the “shame” of this disease even prevents the patient from seeking help from a specialist. This is especially strongly reflected in the beautiful half of our society, often women completely ignore the approach to the proctologist, possibly considering that hemorrhoids are a purely male disease.

This opinion is absolutely erroneous, by the way “female” hemorrhoids are found even more often than male ones, due to the fact that the causes of its occurrence are identical in both cases, and, moreover, pregnancy and childbirth are added, which are found only in the female case.

Many ladies, hesitating to consult a specialist, are trying to be treated on their own, which is absolutely wrong and even dangerous.

Incorrect or inappropriate medicines can not only help,but also have an aggravating effect, and if at the initial stage hemorrhoids are treated quite easily and simply, then at the complicated stages it will be difficult.

Extremely unpleasant disease

Only a qualified specialist thoroughly knows how to treat hemorrhoids in women so that everything goes quickly and smoothly. And in order not to launch the development of such an unpleasant disease, or even better to avoid it, it is necessary to become familiar with the causes of its occurrence.

By the way, the causes of hemorrhoids in women, as we have said, are almost identical to men, in addition to everything else, almost all women who become pregnant and bear a baby are at risk.

What is the reason for this? The fact is that during the gestation of the fetus, in the female body there are significant changes: the blood flow to the pelvic organs increases, and the enlarged uterus with each day puts more and more pressure on the vessels, thereby increasing the load. In addition to pregnancy, inherent only in the female half of society, there are other common causes.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

  • Specificity of the profession. The fact is that female professions are more often associated with a sedentary or standing lifestyle than male ones.Rarely, when the profession of women requires an active lifestyle, constant physical exertion, which leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. These "unfavorable" professions include: an accountant, secretary, hairdresser, cashier, manager, and so on.
  • Poor stress resistance. The fact is that the beautiful half of our society is much more exposed to stress, women are harder and in a more acute form endure all the problems and emotional stress that can be an excellent ground for the development of hemorrhoids.
  • In recent years, women are increasingly getting behind the wheel, seeking independence and independence. From the sit-down work, they change to a comfortable car seat and, instead of walking and walking once more, continue to sit.
  • Constant diets, unhealthy diets, as well as losing weight by the method of constant cleansing of the intestines violate the intestinal microflora and motility, which can also cause hemorrhoids.
  • Great physical activity. The price of losing weight and a beautiful body can be too high: serious loads in sports halls, which are accompanied by weight lifting, are completely undesirable for a female body.
  • The menstrual cycle, which once a month causes a strong rush of blood, also, over time, can affect the development of hemorrhoids. That is why it is so important during this period to carefully monitor your condition, maintain an active lifestyle, eat right and avoid stressful situations.


Hemorrhoids can be external and internal, as well as combined, which can also be accompanied by anal fissures and increased thrombosis with infringement of the veins. The latter features are already complicated by the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The difference between the two main forms consists in the sequence of their manifestation of symptomatology.

The first signs of hemorrhoids in women are discomfort in the rectal area, during defecation pain and discomfort may increase, developing into severe itching and burning. These symptoms relate to manifestations of internal hemorrhoids, and indeed, outwardly, it can not manifest itself in any way - hemorrhoids are apparently completely absent.

Here is the problem

Over time, itching and pain can gradually turn into an external form, it becomes difficult for a woman to sit and stand, any sudden and uncomfortable movement leads to pain or discomfort.The discharge of caustic mucus from the anus can also add discomfort and feelings of constant discomfort.

The next distinct symptom that indicates an acute form of an unpleasant disease is blood during a bowel movement. If you have noticed something similar, then you should not waste time, and go straight to the proctologist. If hemorrhoids began to appear externally, then around the anus, you can grope for small seals, which, with a completely neglected course of the disease, can develop into hemorrhoids.

How to get rid?

As you know, the best treatment is prevention, try to prevent and eliminate the causes that can cause such an unpleasant disease. This, of course, does not mean that you urgently need to quit your job and give up sports, just try to live a more active life: once again, go upstairs and not on an elevator, walk home or back a few times a week, although would be a few stops.

Try to avoid physical exertion: a beautiful body can be obtained without lifting crazy weights in the gym.Reconsider your diet and attitude to diets: in order to look good, you don’t have to torture yourself with hunger strikes or artificial bowel cleansing, you need a proper and balanced diet.

You can get rid of hemorrhoids with the help of folk remedies, for example, steam and sessile baths, as well as the use of microclysters based on anti-inflammatory and hemostatic herbs and components: honey, propolis, potatoes, lard, clay.

Drug treatment of hemorrhoids includes taking painkillers, decongestants and absorbable drugs. Such medicines are, as for external use, ointments, gels, suppositories, and for internal.

Among the drugs that are well proven in the treatment of hemorrhoids in women are Aurobin, Relief, Gepatrombin G, Procto-Glivenol, Antistax. To prevent the occurrence and treatment of such an unpleasant disease, you can perform gymnastics to strengthen the walls of the rectum, as well as keeping the anus in constant purity.

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