How do angels save people?

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How do angels save people?

In our life path, we often encounter various unusual situations that, at times, make us think about the existence of higher powers. Probably everyone has heard of such creatures as guardian angels. Many were told about them by their parents in their childhood, so that their children would be sure that wherever they were and in whatever situation they were, they were always under the protection of guardian angels. But many, having matured, forget about it for one reason or another. Someone thinks that all this is a fairy tale, someone just stops paying attention to it - simply, it forgets. Nevertheless, in the world, and in life, probably, of every person, events periodically occur, looking at which the thought involuntarily arises: “there has not been without otherworldly power!” Maybe the guardian angels really are and they help us Only we can not see it?

How guardian angels save people

Guardian angels give us signs in many ways. Guardian angels can appear in the image of loved ones, deceased relatives, beautiful strangers, saints.Someone they just appear on the eyes, and with someone they enter into full-fledged dialogue or call for certain actions.

It often happens that you are in a hurry somewhere, and suddenly, as luck would have it, you get stuck in traffic, a traffic light directly in front of you lights up in red or some kind of driver-maker delays traffic on the road. And maybe this is all the actions of the guardian angel, so that you do not have an accident. Maybe if you were a minute earlier at a certain intersection, you would be hit by a car? We usually react to it negatively, with anger.

Or, passing near the house, you stopped to tie a suddenly untied lace, and after a couple of seconds a block of ice fell in front of you and if not this lace, you would be exactly under this block. In fact, such cases are not uncommon.

Real cases of salvation by guardian angels

Evidence of the intervention of guardian angels in the lives of people can serve as numerous eyewitness stories. For example, one of the most sensational stories about how an angel saved a man in China. The video was filmed in China in 2012 with an outdoor surveillance camera.The video clearly shows that the collision of a motorcycle with a truck is inevitable. But at the last moment, the motorcyclist suddenly teleports to a safeAngel castroa place. And in slow motion, it is clear that the angel saved a person from death - he intervened in an event in the form of a certain entity.

We can recall the situation that occurred in the nineties at the Mir orbital station. Before a serious spacewalk operation, one of the crew members heard a voice in a dream that warned that during the operation there would be a disconnection in the rail system. During the assignment, there was indeed a disconnection in the rail system, but thanks to that dream, the problem was noticed and fixed in time.

I would also like to recall Fidel Castro as a person who was tried to attempt more than 600 times. None of the attempts failed. Judge for yourself whether it is luck or the intervention of higher powers.