How can I check credit history?

Many borrowers want to know their credit history without visiting the bank. The level of modern technology of some credit institutions in the country allows to do this without leaving home, using the online mode. This service is convenient for clients and the office staff, so the article will list the organizations that provide this service. You will also learn in what ways, and in what time frame you can get the information you are interested in.

Online check

This is a very simple and free way - the official resource of the CII. Nearly thirty bureaus in our country, with an extensive database, can tell about your past loans. These are special agencies that are registered under the law and operate on a commercial basis in the field of credit services - the formation, processing and storage of CIs, the provision of appropriate reports with related services.

Once a year, you can check credit history quickly and free of charge; you will have to make a payment on subsequent calls.Most institutions still prefer to provide data by mail or during a meeting.

BKI and resources with online service

Recommendations for organizations providing this service:

On the website of the National Bureau of CI, which cooperates with the CI Agency, you can independently obtain the data of interest, subject to registration. It is absolutely free.

The Equifax office also requests registration to form a response to the borrower's request. The first appeal does not require payment, as opposed to subsequent ones, with payment according to the current price list. This resource is equipped with useful services, in particular:

  • sending SMS alerts about any changes in CI;
  • elimination of errors in CI;
  • providing protection against fraudsters with fraudsters;
  • assist in correcting your CI.

Portal Mycreditinfo is responsible for free after registration on the site. Here, too, there are additional services in the form of:

  • scoring test;
  • SMS alerts;
  • checks of mortgage car;
  • getting the subject code.

Do not forget that the first appeal is not paid.

Banking online service

How to check history using bank services? Log in to your personal account on the bank site where you are serviced, and find a link to the desired page.Form a request for the necessary information.

In some banking institutions such a link to the Internet resource is not available, then it is recommended to recruit a consultant using the hotline phone to resolve the issue.

Through intermediaries

This option is quite fast, but expensive. Intermediaries in the form of partners of bureaus, banks and microfinance organizations will help provide a list of BCHs from the CI Central Catalog for a certain amount. You usually need proof of identity, so you have to spend time visiting the office and present a passport to obtain a financial document. There are institutions that do not require proof of identity, but rarely. The method has a significant drawback - in order to clarify the changes in the list of BCHs, a second payment is necessary.

Through the Central Bank

This agency can help verify the CI by the code of the subject, since it owns an extensive base, but not so quickly, but very economically. The method takes time, but brings fruit - the possibility of further free information on your lending for all periods. The website of the Central Bank has a form for filling in passport data, including the code of the subject for filing a request. The bureau list with your CI will come to your email.

We hope that our advice has helped you navigate the options for obtaining data on your credit history. Remember that a good past is a chance of continued lending without any trouble.

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