How does a parrot sleep?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 27, 2013
How does a parrot sleep?

Dogs, cats and even birds are our favorite pets today. They warm us with their warmth on cold winter evenings, give their attention and surround us with love and care. Sometimes we love animals as our own children, but we do not always understand them. to understand them, we need not only to care for them, but also to learn. And today, we will talk about the features of parrots.

How does a parrot sleep

Parrots are quite interesting animals. And especially, it concerns sleep. In Australia, where they come from, parrots sleep in the crowns of trees. And in the city, they have to sleep in large cells. So, how do parrots sleep? They stand on one foot and quietly fall asleep. It seems strange: why do parrots sleep on the same foot? Just another at this time is resting. That's all. Young birds usually sleep on two legs. Apparently, their coordination and motor skills are poorly developed.

In addition to the paws, there is another feature. The parrots turn their heads behind their backs and hide their beak deeper in feathers. Scientists attribute this to the fact that feathers allow you to keep warm.And since parrots easily catch cold, it is a necessary condition for maintaining health.

How much do the parrots sleep

Everybody sleeps: both people and animals. Someone more, and some less. The parrot sleeps constantly. You can even call him a "sleepy." Not only do they sleep at night not less than ten hours, but also during the day they are not against a little nap. You may think that they do not get enough sleep, but this is not the case. Most likely, this is due to their origin. Wavy parrots live in Australia and they have a rather specific hot climate. By sleeping in the shade of the trees, they are saved from high-temperature heat.

How a wavy parrot sleeps - it merges into a flock, climbs a tree or selects a cage rod, raises a foot, hides its little beak, inflates like a ball and quickly falls asleep.

What every parrot owner should know

If you are very afraid that in the morning you will hear a merry tweet, then I advise you to close the cage with a parrot with a light blanket. First, the "wavy" may be frightened, but over time will get used. And when you bring a blanket, he will already know that it is time to get ready for bed.

If something happened to your pet and you are treating him for a fracture, then by all means, remove all the perches. Since the parrot does not understand that it can be dangerous to health.Still, this animal and it is subject to nature, and acts based on instincts. In case of ignoring our advice, please note that serious injury may occur.

Otherwise, let the wavy sleep, feed it well, but don’t feed it and definitely give it your love. And do not forget to communicate with him more, because communication is all that we have with you and when we ignore this wonderful process, we lose our beautiful pet.