How do guys break up?

It is unlikely that anyone will disagree that men and women part with their lovers in a completely different way. They also experience parting differently and endure separation. For example, many girls, even for many years after a break in their relationship, cannot understand why their loved one left them. Some of them are convinced that men do not tend to give an explanation, others believe that this is a manifestation of selfishness, and still others consider this behavior to be an escape from responsibility. What really drives a guy at the moment of a break, how do guys experience parting unlike girls, and why do they choose specific ways? In this article we will try to give answers to these frequent questions.

Nothing extra

There are many cases when a girl who does not suppose anything, returning from work, discovers that her lover has collected his things and left them. There are no serious reasons, no quarrels or scandals that could provoke such an act. All questions and demands to explain her behavior, she hears only the banal �I can not do that� or something else in this spirit.And, as you know, uncertainty is the worst of all: the girl is not aware of her guilt and does not understand the reason for leaving the guy.

In similar cases, it is very likely that the latter simply made his conclusions based on conjectures unknown to the girl, which made him leave silently. For him, everything is very clear, he does not need additional clarifications of relations, he decided everything. Any talk on the topic seems to him to be simply meaningless, because �nothing can be changed anyway.� While the girl, being more emotional and having a greater need for expressing her own feelings, in such a situation would express everything that she thinks on a specific issue. A man often prefers to leave silently in order to avoid unnecessary emotions.

Another option for this behavior is a new hobby or love. In this case, again, the guy often chooses the tactic of �nothing extra�, just this time for other reasons. Here he can genuinely try not to injure the girl with his confession, wanting to hide from her the true reason for the separation. Sooner or later, the girl will recognize her, but for some reason it seems to him that �then� it will not be so painful.

Question edge

It also happens that the guy, finally daring to break off relations, tells the girl for some half an hour all that he has accumulated since he began to think about leaving. Such behavior for the girl is sometimes like electric shock. Again, the vulnerability and emotionality of the female does not allow girls to keep in themselves their feelings for a very long time. As a rule, they tend to say what they are dissatisfied with, at the very moment of their indignation, and not when they decide to leave.

Thus, even petty quarrels testify to the misunderstanding that has settled in the relationship, but, on the other hand, they are subconsciously preparing for the possibility of their breaking. That is why it is very difficult for many girls to recover from such separation: they were sure that everything was fine.

Lies for good or fear of responsibility?

It also happens that the guy, planning his departure from the girl, exposes the parting of her initiative. Often, women consider this behavior as an escape from responsibility for their decision. That is, in order not to explain anything and avoid possible accusations by the girl, the guy simply creates such a situation when she decides to leave.

If you want to understand how the guys break up, you need to know that such an act is not always due to the fear of responsibility. Sometimes it is a manifestation of genuine nobility. In this case, the guy simply frees the girl from the pain of resentment, giving her the role of throwing, and not abandoned.