What is useful parsley?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
October 13, 2014
What is useful parsley?

Garden parsley is not only a product consumed by many, but also a plant that helps in the treatment of many diseases. Parsley can be used both fresh and as decoctions or tinctures. In this case, not only green leaves are used, but seeds and roots.

Useful material

The bright green parsley which is completely picky in terms of growing conditions has absorbed a lot of useful substances:

  • Vitamin C to improve the body's immunity and fight colds,
  • vitamin K, which helps the absorption of calcium,
  • essential oils, contributing to the normalization of the menstrual cycle in women,
  • B vitamins,
  • beta carotene for the prevention of good vision,
  • a number of trace elements for the full life of all human organs: iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and folic acid.

How is parsley useful and how to use it

Parsley must be consumed daily. After all, it is not only an aromatic additive to dishes, but also a product that replaces a lot of pharmaceutical multivitamins.

What is useful parsley:

  • To fight the feeling of hunger, you can use parsley broth;
  • Parsley compresses help with bruises, and when bees sting it is enough to attach a leaf of fresh parsley to the affected area;
  • Fresh parsley juice helps to prevent vision, makes the brain work better, normalizes acidity, and also increases metabolism, thereby helping to lose weight;
  • Infusions or parsley juice have the properties of a bleaching agent when you need to get rid of age spots or freckles.

How is parsley root and seeds useful?

  • The infusion of parsley root helps with diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • With the help of decoction of the roots, hair can be given shine, getting rid of entanglement;
  • Broths of parsley seeds help stimulate the secretion of bile, as well as strengthen the urinary tissue of the bladder and uterus in women.