How not to fall asleep drunk?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
June 13, 2014
How not to fall asleep drunk?

Many people after several glasses of alcohol feel that they are literally “nodding” - their eyes are treacherously closed, and irresistibly pulls to lie down and take a nap. It's so bad when it happens at home, but what if you are visiting? A person snoring sweetly among the plates is a pitiful sight that the hosts and other guests will hardly like. Therefore, let's talk in detail about how not to fall asleep at the holiday table. There are several simple but very effective ways to get rid of drowsiness and put yourself in a relatively normal state.

How to not fall asleep drunk: tips

  • You can use the old proven method - to carefully rub and stretch your ears with your hands. There are many nerve receptors and blood capillaries in the auricles. The instantaneous rush of blood to the ears reflexively stimulates the increase in cerebral circulation, as a result of which the brain activity is activated and drowsiness will quickly pass.
  • In order not to fall asleep drunk, you need to do the following: put a few drops of natural lavender or lemon essential oil on the corner of the handkerchief and from time to time bring it to your nose to inhale the invigorating smell that will drive sleep away.
  • You can also rub the temples and wrists with the well-known “Asterisk” balm, which is sold in any pharmacy, and within a few minutes you will feel a surge of vitality.
  • In order to invigorate and not fall asleep, try rubbing your face with a handful of clean snow or a piece of ice from the refrigerator, if it is summer in the yard. This procedure perfectly improves the tone of the nervous system. Additionally, you can roll up the sleeves and hold your hands under the stream of cold water, dropping them into the water on the elbows.
  • To ward off sleep, you need to get out into the fresh air and often breathe deeply with your mouth open. Hyperventilation of lungs well helps in such cases.
  • Drink one or two cups of strong black tea or organic coffee - it will help you cheer up a bit. It is better to drink them without sugar, as sugar accelerates absorption of previously taken alcohol into the blood. You can try instead of coffee to drink a jar of energy drink, which also has a tonic effect on the body.
  • Try chewing on mint chewing gum.The taste and smell of peppermint invigorate, and the process of chewing activates the brain.
  • Do not sit still, get up from the table, walk around the room, dance with other guests, go to the balcony, take part in the general conversation, and drowsiness will gradually pass.

Now, when you know what folk remedies you can resort to in order not to fall asleep after all that you have drunk, it is useful to remind you that it is better to just know your measure and drink alcohol in limited quantities.