How not to stay alone in 2018

To find ways to get rid of loneliness, it is worth looking into its origins. Often the problem is deeply hidden in the personality and emotional characteristics of the person. Pay attention to your self-esteem, anxiety. Note for yourself how shy you are or, conversely, aggressive. If these psychological characteristics find too exaggerated expression in your character, then undoubtedly, you face obstacles in the way of building relationships, which, in turn, maintains a state of loneliness.
Answer your question about the purpose in life. If you find that you cannot answer it, then perhaps this moment is the cause of your condition. Set a goal. Get interested in yourself and start hiccuping for its implementation. You will have to communicate with people, which will change your attitude to the problem and, perhaps, give you a chance to find joy and happiness.
Do not make excuses, assuring that no one loves you, does not understand and does not want to see. So you subconsciously choose situations that only fuel your false desire to be lonely.
Improve. Often, young and successful women prefer to be alone for some time. After all, only in solitude one can comprehend oneself and choose the direction that is capable of radically changing life. Such loneliness is associated with personal growth, maturation and the acquisition of skills that can solve the problems facing a woman and help her achieve her plans.
Give up those relationships that do not bring you joy, do not contribute to your development, but exist only to "kill time." Chat with people that interest you.
Become a friend to yourself, establish a relationship with yourself, learn to get pleasure from it. Then you do not have to make any special efforts to build relationships. They will improve by themselves, please you and all those with whom you communicate.