How old is Santa Claus?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
March 16, 2015
How old is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus, and with him Santa Claus - the main guests of the New Year. Without these marvelous images, it is impossible to imagine a celebration loved by many.

But have you ever wondered what the age of the adorable characters of children's fairy tales?

Age of Santa Claus

In Slavic mythology, this colorful character was represented by a short but nimble old man with a long ashen beard. He ran through the fields, forests, and with a blow of his magic staff caused frosts. Since the source texts of the myths of the Slavs have not been preserved to this day, it is impossible to say exactly how old Santa Claus is. One can only assume that his age is at least 2 thousand years.

If we rely on the statement that the image of the Grandfather among the Slavs appeared along with the tradition of celebrating the New Year, then in this case the strict but fair old magician is only about 500 years old. Moreover, this character is already closer in appearance to the usual Santa Claus - in felt boots, with a heavy staff and a bag full of gifts, he brought people happiness on New Year's Eve.

If, however, the time when the winter magician is considered to be the time when he was firmly entrenched in the traditions of Russia (and this happened around the second half of the XIX century), then he is about 150 years old.

Age of santa claus

The prototype of Santa Claus was the beloved Christian world of Nicholas the Wonderworker - a saint who was famous for his good deeds, gifts that he gave to children from disadvantaged, low-income families.

First of all, the tradition of honoring Santa Claus - a good wizard who comes around Christmas to give surprises to good people - appeared in Holland (here the old man was called Sinterklaas) around the XVII century (which means Santa about 4 centuries). Then the bright image of the magician moved with the people from the Netherlands to America.

The first mention of Santa Claus in the press dates back to 1773 - his prototype was already St. Nikolay Mirlikiysky. Later, thanks to the work of various artists, Santa’s appearance gradually changed until the artist Coca-Cola presented his work in 1931, who was given the task to paint Santa for a Christmas advertising campaign. People liked the new image so much that since then it has not changed.