How scandalous wise woman

Any serious conflict comes to its climax - the moment when the arguments are already ending, but emotions are going wild. She is holding a plate, which she was prepared to launch at least into the wall, he has bulging eyes and steam from the ears. In the light version: she has tears, he has mixed feelings and a struggle between the desire to hug his beloved and go to drink whiskey in a nearby bar. Familiar? No? Poor things, who taught you to be "terpily"?

It is at the time of the climax of the conflict that women's wisdom manifests itself. The stupid lady (let's call her Dusya) asks her man: “And why don't you love me, Vanka? After all, I am stroking for you, and I cook, and I wash, and I drink kefir so that the butt is beautiful. Everything is for you, everything is for the sake of our relationship! And you, ungrateful pig, do not appreciate me from the word at all ... "


And Roly does not hear the wails of his wife. He was asked one specific question: “Why do not you love me?” And he begins to remember: “I do not love her for sawing. And that with mom quarrels. And for the fact that soup is not always salt. Lose weight! And for being angry when she drinks her kefir.What am I, like a rabbit, should unsalted eat? And we do not have sex that often. Yes, and her cellulite appeared, and her chest is not ice already. Although kefir drinks. Maybe only in the afternoon? That's it, I'm watching, the sausage disappears quickly ... The Glutton. "

The man, answering himself the question, the purpose of which was to cause pity, mentally “sculpts” in his head the image of Dusi, which he “does not like”.

The more often he sculpts him (and women are stupid inclined to ask such questions even without reason, believing that they appeal to the conscience of their beloved man), the faster he understands that these relationships are a mistake of youth or degree, and dumps from "unloved" to a neighbor

A woman who is wise (let's call her Annushka) sits neatly on the high chair during the climax of the conflict, shoves her cheek with a handle and asks her husband another question: "Oh, Vanka, I'm so emotional, impulsive, nervous, and why do you only love me?"

How scandalous wise woman

And Vanka has a stupor. He has a complicated process going on in his head: an image of Annushka "favorite" is molded. “Yes, nervous, but how it cooks! And still beautiful. And the house is on it all, the whole economy leads. And sweetheart what tears. And why am I yelling at her at all, you fool? ”The man thinks and ... further lists the merits of his partner.And he would be glad after this to continue the argument, but it does not work. He stops talking, sets a glass of water in front of his wife and looks at his “beloved” woman with completely different eyes.