How to adjust snowboard mounts

Begin fitting the fasteners by adjusting the fasteners to fit your foot. To do this, disassemble the screw connection, put your foot in the mount and properly tighten the mount on both sides. Then mark the holes corresponding to the size of your foot, then replace the nuts and screws in place. In the presence of softmounts adjust heel support. To do this, you must remove the mount and disassemble the screw connection.
Support the lifting legs in the desired position and re-assemble the screw connection, tightening it with the same force. You can make a more precise adjustment of the lifting angle using the ratchet mechanism. To lock the leg tightly, move the lift lever alternately up and down. If you need to loosen the mount, press the small levers simultaneously.
And now you can adjust the front strap formountssock.Again, disassemble and remove the screw connection, install support for lifting the leg to the desired position, put the screw connection in place and tighten it. You make an exact angle setting with the help of a ratchet and, moving the lifting lever alternately up and down, firmly fix your leg. When loosening the mount, press down on the small levers simultaneously.
To choose the right width of the stand, measure the length from the middle of the ankle to the middle of the knee. For a more accurate fit should be moved.mountsby mortgages in the front or backsnowboard. So, one step on mortgagessnowboardBURTON type is one inch (2.54 cm).
And now you need to fix the correct position of the boot on the board or center it. Do this by movingmounts"On the holes" forward or backward, respectively, the size of the foot. To install the corners of the mount you need to know the features of your riding. You can do this by lightly turning the slightly tightened fastenings to the sides. When there is no such need, you can set angles of +18 and +3 degrees on the front and back legs, respectively.