How to affectionately call a favorite?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 20, 2013
How to affectionately call a favorite?

There is an old thesis that women love with their ears, so with a kind word on the love front you can achieve excellent results. "He calls me" baby "!", "He makes me compliments!". This means relations are moving to a new level - from friendly to more serious. Not every young man focuses on this, which certainly leads to problems in the relationship. More often call your beloved affectionate words and give her compliments.

How to affectionately call a favorite, so she liked

  • Banal words do not use, such as "kitty", "sun", "Zaya". These words call everyone - children, girlfriends and even strangers.
  • Focus your attention on the spiritual, inner qualities of a girl, and not on her appearance. Highlight the hidden virtues of a girl. The more advantages you can emphasize, the more sincere the compliment will be.
  • When expressing affectionate words, be as specific as possible, or at least pronounce them convincingly.
  • Line up compliments on facts that the two of you know.No need to highlight the qualities that a girl wants to quickly get rid of.
  • When expressing affectionate words be brief. Your words should contain 2-3 thoughts.
  • Do not include teachings in the compliment. He should highlight the available qualities, and not contain tips to improve them.
  • Reflected positive qualities do not exaggerate. And then everything can quickly turn into a mockery.