How to always have good hair

The rules for attractive hair are as follows:
• Your hair should always be clean, do not wash it 1-2 times a week, but as it gets dirty;
• The hairstyle should suit your face type. Outwardly, it should not look shocking, but impressive. Consult with hairdressers what hairstyle is right for you;
• The color of good hair should please, not depress. Even a few centimeters of germinated roots always tint on time, do not run your appearance;
• If the scalp is oily and the hair shines quickly, rinse them after each wash in acidified water. For this you can use a little vinegar;
• Do not forget about the positive effect of medicinal plants on the bulbs and, accordingly, on all hair. Use natural masks from oils, eggs, honey and gargle in a decoction of herbs from nettle, chamomile, lovage;
• To give your hair a beautiful color sometimes use natural dyes.Hair should rest from chemical dyes. Henna has always been considered a wonderful natural dye. In addition, it has a healing effect.
Good hair always looks natural and natural, strive for it.
The beauty of a person comes from within when communicating; at first glance, people tend to pay attention to the condition of the hair and the attractiveness of the face. Take care of yourself, make yourself good hair, transform your face, and success in all of you is guaranteed!