How to arrange furniture in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a housewife's workshop. Everything here should support her occupation. How to arrange furniture in the kitchen so that it would help the hostess, and not interfere? How to take into account all the laws of ergonomics and embody what you want in your kitchen?

Proper furniture placement

The embodiment of ergonomic tasks in the kitchen is a properly planned environment that facilitates the preparation of dishes due to the minimal time spent on moving within the working areas. If it is reasonable to plan the kitchen, the time of the hostess can be saved up to 30% and the distance traveled by her during the cooking time will be reduced to 60%. Consider some planning options. In each there are lines that connect the three centers of activity and represent the necessary set of furniture for the kitchen - a stove, sink and refrigerator. With the right arrangement, this triangle has the smallest sides, which ensures the hostess to freely reach any zone and move within it.

  • Sink. This is the main center, occupying about 40% of the time spent in the kitchen.Ideally, it should be in the center of the activity triangle with a distance of 1200-1800 mm to the stove and 1200-2100 mm to the refrigerator.
  • Kitchen stove. Usually it is placed not far from the dinner table. But we must remember the high trauma of this place. Therefore, the distance should be optimal to avoid unpleasant situations.
  • Refrigerator or freezer. They are most conveniently placed in the corner of the kitchen so that there is no division of the working space into areas. It is also desirable that when the door of the refrigerator is open, the passage is not blocked.

Layout options

Consider the 4 main options that are most common and convenient.

Kitchen in line

As a rule, this layout option is chosen when there is furniture for a small-sized kitchen. With limited space, the location goes along one wall. The advantage of this method is in a larger space, which allows you to set the kitchen table of the desired size. The sequence of the basic elements is as follows: a refrigerator - a sink - a stove, between which a desk is installed. The disadvantage of this method is in limiting the size of the wall, so it is advisable to take the available space in hanging cabinets.

Kitchen corner

This option will help lay out the furniture in a small kitchen. There is enough space for household appliances, thanks to the elongated desktop. Above it usually have hanging cabinets. The working area occupies both walls, freeing up space in the room for the dining table.

U-shaped kitchen

This is a very compact and roomy layout, which has working areas along the three walls of the room. It is desirable to place the three main elements on different sides in order to maintain a single working surface. With a sufficiently large space, such a layout should take into account the maximum volume that constitutes a working triangle, this is a value of 7 meters.

Kitchen "Island"

This layout is suitable for large rooms, while the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen differs in the location in the center of a separate element, stove or sink. It should be noted that the working triangle should not be broken by the “island”, but be integrated with it in order to preserve all the rules of ergonomics.

Kitchen Space Tips

  • How to arrange zones? Zones designed clockwise (from left to right) are meant for right-handers. Accordingly, for left-handers, working areas should be positioned counterclockwise.
  • Which is better - drawers or doors? Upper wardrobes allow complete set of doors. But here in the lower cabinets from the doors it is better to refuse, because they are not as comfortable as the drawers, and less roomy. It will take a lot of time to find the thing you need, because you will not be able to see the entire contents of the cabinet. Yes, and will have to bend more often to get what you need, and at the same time take out half of the contents out. Sliding systems and drawers create convenience, as they provide maximum visibility to the inside and optimal access to it. It should be noted also the advantage of the full drawers over the partial ones, since You can without interference get the right items.
  • Tabletop. The hostess should select the height of the tabletop according to her height, and not the other way round. To measure it is quite simple, using the old grandfather's method: standing next to the working surface, you should bend your elbows and then the distance from the hands to the tabletop should be 10-15 cm. This is the best option. It should also be borne in mind that different work performed in the kitchen requires different heights. For example, the cooking surface should be slightly below the operating level, and the location of the microwave oven and oven, on the contrary, above.
  • The volume of the working surface.The preparation zone is the most important part of your kitchen. It should be located between the sink and the stove and be as long as possible to accommodate all the necessary appliances and give room for movement. The standard width is 90 cm. Also a considerable value is given to the illumination of the working surface. It is advisable to install additional lamps or lamps.

Now you know all about how best to arrange furniture in the kitchen, so that it is comfortable and beautiful at the same time. This will allow you to create a special comfort even in the room where it is usually difficult to do something interesting. We wish you good luck and new ideas!