How to beat a guy?

Fate often gives a person black and white surprises and, at times, plays a cruel joke with us. For example, a girl likes a boyfriend, and he frankly looks at her friend. And, as they say, you do not have time to blink an eye, the girlfriend is already walking around with her, and she is making plans for the future together. And the other one suffers, “dries” for the guy and plans a cunning, but sure plan for the topic - how to beat the guy off from the other.

How to beat a guy from a rival

Naturally, this act itself will cause a lot of indignation and even negative emotions among many, especially those who have suffered in such a situation. How come?! Is it possible to interfere with other people's well-being and love? After all, even, there is a Russian folk saying: “you cannot build your happiness on another misfortune. A bit of truth, of course, is here. Well, who said that you don’t have to fight for your love? True feelings love courageous and desperate. And, then, how to discourage a guy from a rival is an art to the envy of everyone around, suffering and thirsting for love.

To begin with, so to speak, the war for justice, you need to quickly deal with their appearance.A girl should groom and cherish herself from head to toe, and various beauty salons will be able to help her in this. Hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, massage, spa ... Experts know how to create a goddess of beauty from the most ordinary girl. And so, the man will be able to appreciate the immaculate female appearance. Nobody forbade them to love with their eyes.

In pursuit of a beautiful appearance, a girl should not forget about her inner appearance. It is about spirituality and nurturing a culture of behavior. So, in order not to get into a embarrassing situation - “a fish is smiting its mouth and not hearing what it is singing” - it is necessary to actively engage in self-education and having overlaid yourself with books, magazines and instructions on psychology, immediately learn how to correctly communicate with the opposite sex.

How to beat a guy at a girlfriend

So, how to beat off a guy so that he completely forgot about his ex and looked with devoted eyes to the one that would take the maximum part of his love heart.

The girl needs to be more often wherever the boy she likes is. Of course, you shouldn't bother and constantly flash before his eyes. The main thing is to be always in sight and on the check! Only the appearance of the girl should be desired, so as not to annoy, but to attract the attention of the guy.If a guy meets a girlfriend's girlfriend, then the situation is much simpler, since it is possible, under the pretext of meeting her, to see him at the same time. How to beat off a guy from a girlfriend, with whom the friendship last from the cradle? Here, there is already the agony of conscience not to be avoided and you will have to seriously think about it - and how much is this guy dear to you? Observe the relationship of these two, on how the guy relates to your girlfriend, what they are talking about and how they find a common language after quarrels. Believe that it is easy to project all this onto your supposedly future relationship with a guy. Do you need the same relationship with a guy who is not yours yet?

Many people believe that in love relationships, as in sports, everyone strives for his personal victory. Well, some, more humane and highly moral, back off to the side and peacefully observe how this prokrochki will develop relationships. If for the better, then you need to look for another man, but if there are quarrels, disputes and partings in communication, then the cards are in your hands!

This is where the next stage begins on the way to how to get hold of a guy whose attention is focused on his best friend. You just need to be friends with him.Easy to say? And it's not hard to do, it is only important to find out everything that the guy really interests, cares about and what he likes most to do in life. Every man is impressed when unobtrusively and with lively interest are asked about his hobbies, study, work and just the mood at the moment.

How to beat off a former guy

The hardest thing is when the girl met the boyfriend, and then he unexpectedly went to the other, and the worst thing of all, this other one is the best friend. This is bad luck. They are good, but the girl does not sleep, does not live in peace. Most often, only after parting you understand how that person or another person was close to you. What to do now, and how to repel the ex-boyfriend from another girl?

It is necessary to sit down and calmly reflect, and do you really need the past, if there is such a wonderful thing around? By the way, over time, people change little, so it is worth remembering the reasons why the girl broke up with the ex-boyfriend. These reasons may suddenly appear during new meetings. You need to trust time, it will put everything in its place, and if the guy decides that he wants a girl, as air is necessary, he will return himself and will not go anywhere.

Well, in general, there is such a wonderful word, which is also relevant in our calculating time - respect. So, before you beat the guy from a rival or girlfriend who loves him, you should put yourself in her place. At least for a moment. After all, no one has yet forbidden respecting their dignity, pride and other people's feelings.