How to become a magician?

Since humankind has existed, people have been trying to gain power over their own kind and the world around them, and in various ways. One of them is magic.

Magic as art and science

Often a person begins to study magic with the same purpose. He hopes by mastering certain rituals and spells to develop in himself the strength necessary to fulfill his desires, which are not obtained in the usual way. Will we talk about this magic in our article? No. We will talk about magic, how about the art of causing change through our will, above all, in ourselves. No wonder they say: if you want to change the world, change yourself. However, most often those who follow the path of mastering true magical art, subsequently cease to want to change something. Why? The answer lies in the most ancient and true meaning of the word "magic".

The Internet today is replete with articles on how to become a white magician or a black magician, however, the authors of such works are not always aware of what the word "magic" means.The ancient Sumerian word "imga", from which the word "magic" means "wise" came to more modern languages. Thus, magic is the science of gaining wisdom, and not power over the world. In this case, if you want to become a black magician or a white magician, you move away from wisdom and step onto one of the detour paths that no where will lead you. We are talking about true magic, as the art of training the will, the full disclosure of its spiritual potential. In some ways, this art resembles psychology, but only in part.

How to start learning magic

The concept of "magic" today includes many different occult disciplines that can be divided in a fairly convenient way: by purpose.

  1. Predictive or mantic disciplines, among which the most common are astrology, tarot cards, runes, i-jing — the Chinese Book of Changes, geomancy — fortune-telling on the earth, and some others.
  2. Talisman magic and protection magic. Making and consecrating talismans and amulets according to certain rules. By the way, it would be nice to understand the difference between talismans and amulets.Talismans attract something, and amulets, on the contrary, protect people from something. Here we will also include various protective rituals.
  3. Spells and evocations. Here we are talking about invoking spirits and various entities. Speaking in a more modern and understandable language, a person communicates with his inner world, which he imagines as he is comfortable according to his imagination and temperament.
  4. Alchemy and Transformation. Do not take it literally. We are not talking about smelting gold from lead (although modern scientists claim that this is still possible by changing the structure of the atom, but they still do not understand how the ancient alchemists did it). In our case, alchemy is rather a spiritual transformation, and for this you can do other disciplines, such as yoga.

Of course, such a classification does not claim to be an exhaustive one, however, it nevertheless allows to separate individual magical disciplines into different categories and determine what you want to do. Also, for starters, I recommend you to familiarize yourself with some fundamental magical works that will allow you to better understand magical art and tell you all about how to become a magician.

The last book is not at all a manual on black magic, but, contrary to the title, gives an idea of ​​magic in general. The inclusion of Crowley’s book in the bibliographic list is also due to the fact that in this work, although it is devoted mostly to Tarot cards, various aspects of magical art are described in some detail.

How to become a Magician of Fire

Who is a Fire Mage? The Fire Mage is a person who can communicate with spiritual beings. Someone will say: "commanding spirits." This mistake, caused by ignorance and pride, can cost the magician dearly - even the most severe mental disorders and even death. You can only communicate with spirits, but not command them. How is this work going? For this you need to stock up with considerable mental energy within yourself. Contrary to the assertions that magical and spiritual energy spills because of intemperance, we say the following: there are two things that can really prevent the development of magical wisdom. This is an extreme degree of fatigue at work and the inability to keep secret their magical knowledge and skills. In no case do not dedicate others to what you are doing until you have fully mastered the rituals of invoking spiritual entities. Yes, and then you should be careful.Rituals and spells on summoning various entities can be found in the works of I.Regardi (one of them is indicated in the previous chapter), A. Crowley, S.L. MacGregor Mathers and other authors.

How to become a Water Magician

Magic of Water is the ability to create protection and attract the desired. This is achieved through the creation of various amulets and talismans. In order to become a true Water Magician, you will have to read a lot of special literature and independently make more than one dozen, and maybe more than one hundred talismans and amulets. Magica Talismanica or Talisman Magic is one of the most interesting sections of magical art, allowing to realize a lot of desires. Good recommendations on the creation of various talismans and amulets are given in the next book - A.V. Sanarov "The magic of talismans". You can download it.

Also very useful for you may be written by I. Regardi.

How to become a blood mage

What is Blood Magic? In essence, this teaching is the proper use of blood in magical acts. Usually the magician uses psychic or magical energy, but in the case of the sensation of its lack, it replaces this energy with blood.Here you need to correctly understand what it means "replaces". Let's say right away: in no case is it a matter of bloodletting, and, especially, of not consuming blood inside. It is about the concentration of blood energy in the body. If you want to become a blood mage, then the first step of this art is the accumulation of blood in the body. For this you need to eat more foods rich in hemoglobin. Then you need to learn to concentrate the blood in the organs, limbs, anywhere in your body. This is the second stage. The third step of this art is to be able to coolly (pay attention to this word: that is, “with cold blood”) to respond to all the events around you. The true Blood Mage is an internally inflexible cold-blooded person who is strong, above all, with his spirit, which makes him practically invincible.

How to become a Mage of Air

Air Magic includes various predictive skills, therefore, improve your skills in astrology, tarot, runes, and other mantic, that is, fortune-telling systems. If by Magic of Air natural magic is meant, then it will be about various rituals and spells.To do this, refer, for example, to the Wiccan rituals. Here I can recommend the following book to you: Scott Cunningham Wicca. You can download it. In essence, the Magic of Air is the ability to be in harmony with Nature in its animal aspect (“animal” here means “alive”).

The magic of the Earth focuses on substances, that is, inanimate objects. The most famous of the "earthly" magical disciplines is alchemy.

Finally, I would like to provide the reader who wants to actively influence the surrounding world through personal spiritual growth with a small encyclopedia on magic art. Many interesting things you, dear reader and novice Magician, can find here on this page:. Here are works both on the theory and on the practice of Magic.