How to become a mom?

Most people, having created a family, begin to dream of the baby and the continuation of the race. This is truly a wonderful feeling. But on the way to the appearance of a child in the house lies a lot of difficulties. Some couples desperately want to have a baby, but for various reasons it doesn’t work out for them, other women have many doubts and fears before becoming a mother, and still others don’t want to have a child.

Planning and preparing for pregnancy

Any important matter requires preparation, is it worth saying that before conceiving a child, preparation should be long and serious. Many women, not wanting to waste their youth and lose their beauty, postpone the moment of the appearance of a child in the family in the closet. All this time in the female body irreversible processes take place, diseases accumulate, organs wear out. In the end, the body becomes unable to give the child everything that is necessary, children are born inferior, with congenital diseases and pathologies. Throw away thoughts about everything material and think, would you like your mother to do this to you? After all, you are healthy and able to produce a healthy baby.Is your child's health worth the money you earn in deferred time?

The fact is that the fear of many women is far-fetched and groundless. After the birth of a child, life does not end at all, you will only eventually realize that this is the very beginning. Very often, the desire to be a mother does not appear even in pregnant women. But it passes as soon as a woman sees her own child, born into the world. In reverse situations, one should resort to the help of a psychologist.

All of the above stage, as you understand, is a psychological preparation. But moral readiness is not enough, physical preparation plays an even more important role. You have decided to have a child, it is time to work on yourself for the benefit of the offspring.

  • First, pay attention to your bad habits. Ideally, you need to quit smoking and drink alcohol three months before the planned conception. About drugs and speech is not conducted.
  • Secondly, a full medical examination of both partners. It includes testing, testing for chronic diseases, diseases of an infectious nature. Accordingly, while you are not healthy, it is better not to think about conceiving a child.Take a visit to your therapist as a rule, women over 35 should be especially attentive to their health.
  • Third, pay attention to physical fitness. It is time to go in for sports, not hard and selfless, we are talking about the morning run, gymnastics, especially good for women to go swimming.

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How to become a good mother

Any woman who is expecting the birth of her baby promises herself that he will do everything possible and impossible, will give him all of himself, take care of him from all adversity and danger. That's just when in practice it comes to how to become a good mom, not everyone copes with this task. Young mothers often lack not only skills and knowledge, but also elementary patience, wisdom, poise; sometimes the child simply does not have enough maternal attention. There are many reasons for this, and they all seem important: serious work, a lot of household chores, chronic fatigue. That's right, but there are a few principles that you just need to follow to never think that you are a bad mother.

Take as a rule these principles, imagine that your whole life depends on their observance.

  1. In the first months of the child, when you are on maternity leave, you simply must devote all the time to the baby. This is his legal time. All that is required of you is attention. The child will not appreciate the money earned, but the lack of care and maternal warmth children feel very badly.
  2. If possible, the decree should last as long as possible, for the benefit of the baby. If there is an urgent need to go to work ahead of time, you should even after a hard day at work find time and energy for the baby. Try to leave all worries and hard thoughts behind the doorstep. Do not shift your concern to loved ones. In the end, the child should be your consolation.
  3. If your baby has grown up and has already learned how to run, he understands more than you can imagine. When you communicate with the child, be sure not to be lazy and sit down so that your faces are on the same level. Such a trifle is very important for the baby, he should feel intimacy with you, and not your superiority.
  4. Put your baby to sleep only after dinner with the family. Do not feed it separately. The baby must feel that it is an integral part of the whole.Sometimes it is troublesome, but it is from such seemingly trifles that one gets an understanding of how to become a better mother.

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By this phrase is meant assisted reproductive technology. There are many reasons why a woman can not bear and give birth to a child, but as it turned out, this is not an obstacle to the desire to have a baby. How to become a surrogate mother? There are a number of requirements for women who wish to provide services in this area.

  • First, the applicant must be at least 18, but not older than 45 years.
  • Secondly, she must have her own healthy child.
  • If the woman is married, you will need written permission from her husband to carry out this procedure.
  • A woman must be completely healthy physically and mentally.
  • An important criterion for a surrogate mother is the understanding that the child will not be born to her, there must also be a great desire to help childless couples.