How to become a pick up artist?

Pickup is quite a popular word in modern youth slang. Everyone has heard it, but not everyone fully understands the meaning. In essence, a pick-up implies the attraction of the opposite sex, or more simply “eat”. A successful pickup, as a rule, means entering into an intimate relationship with an object.

Most often, pick-ups are young men of good looks who are trying to drag a woman into bed, but sometimes there is a female pick-up. Pickup can be called a new youth movement, but it can be attributed to a peculiar way of life. Pickers are most often in search of new sensations. For example, when a person lacks something in life: feelings of satisfaction or confidence, mutual understanding, self-reliance. A pickup truck can serve as a means of self-affirmation and an opportunity to feel more confident and mobile.

Fundamental rules

To understand how to become a pick up artist, you need to prepare yourself morally and learn the basic rules that are listed below.

  • You need to feel like a man, a conqueror.Naturally, it is necessary to experience the pleasure of communicating with girls. To do this, of course, you need to have confidence in yourself. Not everyone owns this feeling, but in order to become a pick up artist, you have to work on it long and hard.
  • After the first luck, your confidence will be strengthened, and you will be ready for the following and more weighty conquests. If you suddenly fail, do not be upset and "wind up" yourself. Treat everything easier, do not dwell on mistakes, consider that failure is an experience.

The rules of the pick-up artist are not so difficult to master, the most important thing is to have the courage to apply them. It is not necessary to explain in detail such elementary things as to look great and give the impression of a confident and self-sufficient man, to whom everything is possible to achieve.

What should be pikaper

  • Pickers should enjoy life and show it at any convenient time. They can not be afraid of women, or at least should hide it. The main secret of the pikaper is to make the right, courageous impression.
  • Another important rule for a pick-up artist is originality.She is the main one in meeting and in future meetings. Hunting pick-ups always meet girls in an unusual way, even in the most ordinary place.
  • It is important for Pikaper not to become dependent on his object, not to be annoying, not to show jealousy. A real pikaper should always be a little missed.
  • After you have acquired the desired object, you must stop your communication. Do not spoil your impression or disappear, just transfer your relationship to a friend. Meet the girl a couple more times with an interval of several weeks without any sexual context and hints.

The most common phenomenon - pick-ups in a cafe, this is a convenient place to explore. If you do not know where to start your path pikaper, start there. Remember that you do not need to look at the object for a long time, it is better to go straight to the "shoot" and be persistent enough, but not annoying. If a girl really comes in contact with you and feels comfortable - this is a good start for the next invitation.

How to become a successful pick up artist is not a very simple question. Because, in addition to the theoretical part in which all the recommendations can be memorized and studied, experience is much more important.And in order to get it, you need to work on yourself. Get full satisfaction from the pickup can only be when you do not play the role of a strong, confident, independent and desired men, and really become so.