How to become a wizard?

Magic is a fairy tale world where fairies, wizards, talking animals and gnomes live. Surely, you are familiar with fairy tales, where fairies turn animals into people and vice versa, where sorcerers can control the weather, where magic objects exist, such as a magic wand, a flying carpet, an invisible cap and a magic mirror. Many have already grown, but still believe in magic. They believe in a miracle, in the fact that, by a wave of a magic wand, everything can change. Is there a place for magic in real life? If so, how to become a wizard?

In the concept of magic, each puts its value. Someone wants to turn a stone into gold (alchemy), others dream of the ability to heal diseases or be able to fly. What exactly do you want?

Of course, you can become a magician - there are a large number of books on the subject available. Externally, the tricks are very similar to magic, but this is only manual dexterity. You can also find a teacher-magician or go to a school of magic, but in most cases it’s just a trick and you’re unlikely to become a magician. But if you know a person who really has magical powers, then you are very lucky.Ask him to take you as an apprentice, then he will gradually tell you how to learn how to cast and manage his new power. If you really want to learn how to control your destiny, do not chase the external attributes of a wizard - a mantle, a staff or a magic wand or a crystal ball are unlikely to help you learn how to cast spells. How to become a wizard for real, read on.

How to become a wizard in real life

Science rejects magic and sorcery, considering them pseudo-science, while life provides us with plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Who are the wizards? Those who can control nature, circumstances, other people. Wizards and sorceresses are usually good, unlike sorcerers and witches. Surely, something unusual happened to each of you in life that cannot be explained in a reasonable way. This is the magic! Each of us has magical abilities from nature. We just do not notice them and do not want to develop.

For example, such phenomena as clairvoyance, telekinesis, paranormal phenomena, love spells and cuffs, evil eyes, curses, etc. are known to all. This list can be continued for a long time.Science is not able to explain these mysterious phenomena, but nevertheless, they really exist.

How to become a wizard for real

Body control. We all come to the world, possessing a certain set of magical abilities. Often they manifest themselves in stressful situations, when hidden opportunities are activated. For example, running away from a mad dog, a person can develop a truly fantastic speed, although in real life does not differ in special physical abilities. The task of the novice wizard is to be able to use these abilities at will. What to do? You need to feel your body and be able to manage it. Learn relaxation technique, listen to your body. If you learn to understand the signals of the body, then get rid of many diseases and prevent the emergence of new ones. This is truly a miracle! Relaxation, meditation and body management are taught by such spiritual practices as yoga.

Intuition. Another example of magic in real life is foresight or foreboding. For example, some people who have a well-developed intuition, may receive knowledge that warns them of some misfortune: they suddenly refuse to fly on this plane or go by train. Then it turns out that the plane crashed, and the train had an accident.The main thing is not to let the mind drown out the voice of intuition, but in the modern world it happens all the time. Some scientists believe that reason is an experience accumulated during our life, and intuition is the experience of all previous generations. Others believe that intuition is our connection with the cosmic mind, which will always prompt the right decision, we just need to be able to listen to it. Whatever really stands for the concept of "intuition", in any case - this is real magic. You must have come across a manifestation of intuition in life - for example, when you took the test, without preparing, put answers at random. If all or most of the answers were correct, then your intuition is well developed, if not, then practice is necessary. Perhaps you are too rational. In any case, everyone can develop intuition to a greater or lesser extent.

Thoughts are material. Paradoxically, we can achieve a great deal by the power of thought. It is said that if one desires something very strongly, then it will certainly come true. They also say something else: be afraid of your desires, they may come true. Usually those thoughts that are associated with strong emotions materialize. For example, fear.If you are very afraid of something, for example, getting stuck in an elevator, then sooner or later you will get stuck in it. And only you will be guilty of this, because with your constant thoughts about something you attract this event, as if feeding it with your energy. Try to think positively. Do not wish evil to others, because this evil will return to you.

Fulfillment of desires. Also with the help of thoughts you can speed up the fulfillment of your desires. Everything will come true as if by magic. Set a specific goal and visualize its execution as often as possible. For example, you want you to have a red Mercedes. Imagine from the side, how you drive in this car, what joy and satisfaction you are experiencing. Present the situation in detail. You yourself will program yourself to achieve the goal!

So, your first steps have been made! Remember, to become a wizard, you must believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will succeed!