How to become beautiful?

How to become beautiful? There are a lot of answers to this question, but how to choose exactly what really works and even at home? Wday will help you not to get lost in the labyrinth of all kinds of beauty recipes, exercises and diets. We will talk about how to make the body perfect with the help of 10 exercises, how to lose weight correctly without harm to health, how to bring dry hair back to life and about hundreds of beauty secrets that work exactly. Verified The secrets of the beauty of world stars also will not remain behind seven seals, and today at Wday you can learn about how Kate Middleton is recovering from childbirth, and take advantage of the tips of a toned-up Jennifer Aniston. A selection of articles in the section on how to become beautiful, better than one article, agree. We also write about men, because in our opinion it is he who makes a woman more beautiful and happier. Notice the wording, which is armed with many "to find a man and become happy," shifts the responsibility for happiness to a man, but this is not true.So think about how to become more beautiful, because you are so beautiful! The main theses of beauties are self-enjoyment and confidence. Whatever dresses you would not wear, if you can not straighten your back and walk with a confident gait from the hip, then all the money and watches you spent on becoming more beautiful are worthless. Undoubtedly, if you are shy of your body, you need to work in the fitness room. Otherwise, you will tread at the same thought, looking in the mirror "because I can, but I don’t go - a cow". Of course, the thesis of love yourself is also important. And sometimes the impetus is a small change in appearance, which you get exactly after working on your body, on yourself. We hope now, the question of how to become beautiful, has played in your eyes with new colors. It is interesting to live when there is something to strive for. As Montesquieu said: "A woman has only one opportunity to become beautiful, but to be attractive there are a hundred thousand possibilities."