How to become the best?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 4, 2014
How to become the best?

According to Canadian sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, great success can be achieved at work or in his personal business. There are no natural leaders and successful businessmen. Just some work hard on themselves 24 hours a day, while others prefer to go with the flow, in every possible way protecting themselves from any effort. How to become better Choose one narrow direction and practice it every day for ten times, approaching the study of the question from various sides.

Fisher, for example, became the best chess player in the world only because he methodically worked on the technique of the game, studying the accumulated experience of previous generations. And how many such examples? Of course, not everyone can be brilliant people, but everyone can achieve a level “above average”. To do this, be patient and try to use the following tips.

Five tips on how to become the best

  1. Constantly save experience. Having chosen a topic for yourself, do not regret time studying the high achievements of predecessors, pay attention to what helped them to self-realize and do not hesitate to follow the scheme they have built.Do not complain about the complexity, but try to learn how to solve problems that arise. Start small and act, go forward all the time, not stopping, not treading in one place.
  2. Use self-analysis, do not be lazy, daily lay out the past day on the shelves and think about what could be done better and how to implement it later, bypassing the mistakes made.
  3. How to become the best? Look for mentors, cling to someone who could constantly push you and direct you in the right direction. Believe me, there are always people around who like to extend a helping hand to aspiring young and ambitious. They are not doing it disinterestedly, then you will let them bask in the rays of their glory. But it will be later when you can realize your dream.
  4. Do not be afraid of communication. Sociability opens many doors up. Make interesting acquaintances not only with useful people, but with the same as you. Believe me, from each such meeting you can draw something interesting for yourself.
  5. Do not be afraid of failures. They are the ones who teach how to become the best. It is unlikely that a motorist will again exceed the speed in the same area where he once had a terrible accident.He will try to go round it, or “walk”. That's the way you should behave in life.

Remember! The most profitable ideas are born at the junction of two different directions, their implementation is subject only to those who are constantly moving forward.