How to behave after sex?

The close relationship between a woman and a man is always beautiful. Sexual relations are an obligatory and logical stage for any couple. Initially, nature laid down different behavior after sex partners. Women have a surge of energy and strength, and men, on the contrary, slowly begin to fall asleep. When rough sex is over, many are tormented by the question: how to behave after sex so that it does not become the last? In this article we will offer some tips for both partners, which, time after sex, will help make it easy and enjoyable.

How to behave a woman

  • Be sure to sincerely praise your sexual partner. According to statistics, most men, although they hide it, but still have complexes, in particular in the intimate sphere, and this percentage is much higher than that of women in the beautiful half of humanity. Therefore, your compliment will provide your man a great mood, and will give confidence that he is a terrific lover.
  • Make a relaxing, gentle massage to your man.After all, after the “work” it is always pleasant to feel warm hands gently stroking the body. Know that 60% of men surveyed dream about massage.
  • Active love games require a lot of calories, so it’s not at all surprising if your male man has a strong hunger. Feed your man if he has a keen sense of hunger.
  • You should not talk a lot, asking your partner questions about what will happen next, when you see again, ask to leave the phone, etc. It is better to just lie down, hugging and talking in a few words about nothing insignificant trifles.
  • Analyzing the question of how to behave after sex with a man, remember that most of the male representatives tend to fall asleep faster. This natural physiological desire is aimed at restoring strength. If you see that your man begins to fall asleep, then the most correct decision would be to let him sleep peacefully.

How to behave a man

  • After rough sex, any girl will be pleased when they embrace her and hug her whole body, at least for a while. Thus, you will satisfy the female need for tactile sensations.Remember that after sex, the female body slowly parting with excitement, and for some time he wants more caress. Having stroked, kissed and holding your partner in a strong embrace, you will satisfy another natural desire of a woman - this is security.
  • If you really want to sleep, then still try to take at least a few minutes for an easy, non-binding conversation. Thus, you reinforce the opinion of your girl that she is necessary and important to you, not only as a sexual partner.
  • An important point in the question of how to behave after sex with a woman is the praise of the partner. Sincere compliments, as well as the assurances of men that everything was fine, will help the beautiful half not to lose confidence in their own attractiveness and sexuality.
  • If your lady has expressed the intention to go home, then at the time she is going and waiting for a taxi, it is worthwhile to pay attention not less than before sex. Be sure to chat with her, offer to drink coffee or tea, call a taxi yourself and do not be lazy, despite the late hour, go outside and take your partner to the car.
  • It is not necessary to immediately include an answering machine or a telephone after sex, as well as to call back on missed calls. Such actions can offend your partner, especially if you want to continue your relationship.

When the night of love is already over, and the question of how to behave after sex has disappeared by itself, because you have almost fallen asleep, the position in which you fall asleep will tell about the quality of your relationship:

  • Royal is a pose when a partner falls asleep on his back and a woman falls asleep on his shoulder. She testifies to a strong male ego and the subordination of the partner to this male.
  • Spoon - this position, when one of the partners lying on one side hugs the other, indicates a passionate relationship. Be aware, the one who embraces is the leader in the relationship.
  • If, after sex, the partner turns his back on you, then this indicates serious difficulties in this pair.
  • The touching touches of the legs and hands, after intimacy, indicate the emotional intimacy of a man and a woman.
  • The intertwining of the feet of partners testifies to peace in relationships and trusting one another.