How to build a house?

In many developed countries, each family lives in its own full-fledged and comfortable house, recently and in Russia there is a tendency to sell their annoying high-rise apartments and build their own houses on the outskirts of the city in order to enjoy nature and fresh air. So you and your family are thinking about how to build a cheap and beautiful house?

How to build a house with your own hands

  1. So, you decided to build a house with your own hands. It all starts with the acquisition of a plot on which you will later build a house. This question has many pitfalls, so first you need to decide what materials you will build the house (timber, foam blocks, frame house), and also create a project for the future house, because without this paper you will not receive permission to build from local authorities. Suppose you have designed your future home and you can begin construction.
  2. How to start and how to build a beautiful house? It's no secret that construction begins with the foundation. So the first thing poured foundation.It is of two types: block and jellied. Do the calculation of the foundation for your house and you can start pouring.
  3. After the foundation is ready, the base is made. You need to build a basement of the house from a material that is most resistant to moisture and other negative weather manifestations. And why right after the foundation one cannot start building a wall of foam concrete or some white brick? The thing is that the materials from which walls are usually erected do not tolerate interseasonal freezing and defrosting, especially when they are saturated with moisture. They collapse very quickly. The base also serves as a kind of buffer, since the lower part is most susceptible to the detrimental effects of moisture from the precipitation, and also bears a huge load, holding not only the walls, but also the ceiling of the house.
  4. After the basement is ready, you can start laying floors and making floors, of which there are two types: concrete and wooden, if your budget is very limited, you can choose wooden floors, as they are somewhat cheaper than concrete. It is not advisable to immediately completely cover the floors of the house with good boards, as in the process of construction they will be spoiled, for example, by paint or concrete solution.
  5. After laying the floors, the next stage of construction begins, namely the construction of the walls of the house. You can build walls of various materials, such as expanded clay concrete blocks, bricks, foam blocks, logs. Depending on which material you choose, the walling technology will be different, as well as some nuances will appear. Suppose if you choose such material as timber, then after construction you will have to additionally warm your house, since timber is prone to blowing, also timber has such disadvantages as sediment and deformation of the house. If we talk about frame houses, then their advantages are that having a small weight they can be erected in areas with a complex soil structure, also due to the light weight the house does not require a large foundation, which significantly reduces costs. Speaking about the shortcomings of frame houses, this action on the wooden frame of the house of the destructive effects of moisture, insects, etc. And also all frame houses are typical and you cannot individualize your house only if you try to design an unusual exterior finish.

How to build a house

And what if you decide to build walls from foam blocks of your house? Calculate the number of foam blocks you need, and while they are being delivered to you, lay a layer of insulation of roofing material, on top of your base, do not forget to leave a ledge under the floor of the house. Next comes the installation of foam blocks, preferably throughout the installation to use the construction level. It's okay if the foam blocks delivered to you are not always the same. You will also have to file the blocks when you put the last block in the row.

How to build a roof

After the walls of the house have been erected, you build the roof. Building a roof scares many people who decide to build a house on their own. To begin with, it is advised to choose the shape of the roof, as well as to calculate the number and length of the beams necessary for the construction of the roof, and then you can get to work. The construction of the roof begins with the manufacture of rafters, then templates are made and the entire necessary set is created. Rafters are placed at a distance of 1 meter from each other, long rafters are created using two short. Once the frame is ready, the question arises, how to cover the roof? As in other cases, there are several options, for example, to cover the roof with metal tiles, soft roofs, professional sheets or undulin.In terms of price-quality ratio, the ondulin will be the most advantageous option, since it has a very reasonable price and is very resistant to various weather phenomena, be it rain, snow or hail, also an important advantage of ondulin is that it is very light, one sheet about 6 kilograms (the question of the weight of building materials, in the self-construction of the house is important, since you have to lift all the materials yourself). After you choose what you will roof, the installation of the roof.

Water supply and sewage

Exterior work at home should be finished with siding. And then you have to do water supply and sewage at home. The water supply of the house, like the construction of the house itself, begins with a project, the creation of which is better to be entrusted to the local water utility, and you can also trust the water utility itself. Before you dig up your site, you need about 12 signatures from various instances, but that is another question. After you get all the signatures and permission to work, you can submit it to the water utility, and that in turn will begin to conduct all the work. After creating a well on the site and holding water into the house, you should also take care of the sewage system.In the event that the central sewage system does not reach your site, you can build your own amenities by digging a deep 4.5 meter cesspool and putting concrete rings in its edges. Laying sewer pipes, it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to do strong biases and bends, it is desirable to use synthetic pipes.

Power house

After you have finished working with water and sewage at home, it is worth doing electricity. Remember that your power supply project must meet all modern standards. In order for everything to be done correctly and according to the law, a special organization must deal with the power supply at home, because if something is done incorrectly, Energy Supervision will not connect your house to the system. After the electricity supply is complete, you need the inspector from Energonadzor to perform the design, grounding, and wiring checks. As for gas supply, here you also need to create a project and it is best to entrust this business to knowledgeable people, since everything that concerns gas is very dangerous both for life and for property. This is perhaps the most basic moments of building a house with your own hands. Have patience and good luck in building your own home!