How to increase the tooth?

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How to increase the tooth?

The biggest decoration of a person is a wide, upright smile. Yes, that's just not everyone can boast of healthy teeth and gums. There are many factors that affect dental health. Starting with various diseases, pregnancies, stresses and ending with the poor state of ecology in the country. To the health of teeth should be treated carefully. And at the slightest threat of disease contact a dentist. Indeed, in the early stages of the disease, the tooth can still be cured.

A modern dentist can help eliminate almost any defect. Often dentists hear from a patient the question of whether it is possible to grow a tooth if it is completely destroyed? Can. People turn to the dentist for various reasons. Some want to sparkle a white-toothed smile, others because of acute pain, and there are still those who have dental problems started in connection with their professional activities. To solve one of the problems associated with the teeth, it will help build.

Types of building

In this section, we will analyze how to build up a tooth.For building use composites, using photopolymers. They are used for minor damage to the tooth. Composites can be given a very different form. And after a visit to the dentist does not need to wait two hours before eating. Another tooth can grow on the rod. This method is used if the tooth is destroyed, but the root remains. Initially, the patient is given an x-ray, then a crown is modeled. A metal rod is inserted into the root canal, around which a means is made for filling, and then a crown is put on. This extension technology makes your tooth twice as strong. Now it holds not only the root, but also the pin. Dentistry does not stand still, it is constantly evolving. Your doctor may explain to you how to properly brush your teeth, and will recommend bleaching. They will help you to restore the former beauty of your smile.

Positive aspects of building

If a person turned to a competent specialist, then the teeth will serve for a long time and look no worse than their own. The dentist selects materials for extension so that the tooth is the same in color and transparency as native teeth. The most important thing in the building process is that the tooth has a root and a bone that surrounds it. If everything is in place, then the tooth can be fully restored.Do not worry, the extended teeth look quite natural!

Negative sides of building

The biggest minus is the cost of the build-up process itself. The downside is that the dentist is not able to predict how long the accumulated tooth will “behave”. After all, it does not depend on the material from which it is made, and not from the doctor. And from the patient's lifestyle, and how he will care for his teeth. Remember that before you grow your teeth you need to inspect the entire oral cavity. See in what condition the gums and teeth. To consult with your dentist, he will tell you what kind of treatment is right for you. It is possible that before treatment you need to remove the inflammatory process from the gums. To do this, they will prescribe you to rinse with a herbal solution every time after eating. Successful treatment!

Now you know how to grow teeth. The video information on this topic will be as interesting to you as our article.