How to buy a player in 2017

Sound quality. This criterion is largely subjective and depends on several factors. Most modern models of well-known manufacturers keep a fairly high level of quality. Bad sound is usually associated with a poorly compressed or encoded mp3-file, poor quality of the headphones that come with it.
The amount of memory can be called the determining factor when choosing the player you need. You can buy as a super-compact model, but with a small amount of memory, and a fairly large and very roomy player. Most often buy players with a relatively small amount of memory - up to 4-8 GB.
The presence of additional functions is also a decisive criterion for choosing an mp3 player for many people, mostly young people. These functions are: voice recorder, radio (built-in FM tuner), alarm clock, the ability to record arbitrary files in the player’s memory (in other words, the player with this function can be used as a flash drive), the ability to record music from the radio and much more. Here is someone like that.
Battery lifeMost often, the battery is built into the player, so replacing it with a new one in the event that the battery sits will not work.Playerwill have to charge. However, if it is easier to do at home, on a long hike the player will not be charged. That is why the maximum operating time of the player without recharging is especially important for those who like to travel or listen to music for a long time. Also extremely important indicator - battery life, which can vary from five to fifty hours. In most models, this figure is ten to fifteen hours.
The size and weight of the player. If earlier the audio players were rather cumbersome, then modern mp3-players can easily fit in a clenched fist, they are convenient to carry on a belt or in a pocket.
Design and player interface.