How to calculate a guy who needs only sex from you?

Oh, if everything was so simple and men who simply want to sleep with you, they would immediately start a correspondence from a straightforward discourse on a passionate subject or constructive erotic sentences. But no, they are sure that the girl will simply be afraid of such truthfulness, and they prefer to build from themselves “good guys” who sincerely want to go with you to the Frida Kahlo exhibition, and then share their future plans for a glass of white, and all just for that , to later drag you into bed under a variety of pretexts from an invitation to a movie to "oh, and the metro does not go anymore." How can we learn to separate those who have met or even continue to meet with you solely for the sake of sex, if you are counting on relationships? We have derived 10 distinctive features of the Lovelace, who in the future are not interested in anything except a bed.

You met him in the dating app.

In the 21st century, mobile dating apps are a natural habitat for ladies' men. And even if he confesses on the first date that he's there recently, and on the second says he decided to remove his account "from boredom", then do not be lazy to check: he was probably on the network tonight and even updated the photos.

How to calculate a guy who needs only sex from you?

Instagram has a selfie in the bathroom mirror

He has a desperate passion for photographing his reflection in the right light, and then trying to find which of the filters makes him look sexier. Carefully, he seems to be already in love with himself so much that he does not exactly look for a relationship with the need to love someone else.

All his former girls hate him

And he either answers them in the same coin, or simply does not remember them. And the fact that he remained in such strained relations with the female sex does not bother him at all, because he is sure that all girls are equally cunning and nothing good can be expected (except sex) from them, therefore he prefers to talk about them restrict sexist comments.

He makes posts about how a real man should behave

At the same time, he understands by the latter not some gentleman from the XIX century, but a kind of collective image of his own best qualities, which (as he is firmly convinced) are all admired.

How to calculate a guy who needs only sex from you?

He writes to you usually at night

A short message after midnight: “How are you?” - as a new kind of hint at what he thinks of you now, but not in the romantic manner in which you would probably like to.

He hides you from all friends and buddies

Feel the difference between keeping relationships secret and protecting personal life from other people's encroachments, and be able to see the moment when he is ready to do anything that no one of his friends will know about your existence. By the way, he will not have any desire to communicate with your friends. Why, if it's just sex?

He has huge, huge asses and bare chests in the tape.

In social networks, he has subscribed to dozens of strippers and a hundred more strange communities that publish nude girls and porn stars. In principle, they represent his unspoken ideal of female beauty, but because of their absence, he has to communicate with real women nearby.

How to calculate a guy who needs only sex from you?

You meet only with the onset of darkness and on its territory

The rest of the time he is “terribly busy” and “all in business” with something, but closer to ten in the evening he finds time to invite you to his home.By the way, ladies' men are terribly lazy and desperately resist relations for this reason - if suddenly you want something more than sex, then he will have to make efforts, spend his leisure time with you and also come to visit you. And this is so tiring in comparison with a girl who herself comes to his house exactly one hour before bedtime ...

He does not remember any information about you

Saturday exam in driving school? Thursday is a new job interview? Tell him about this, and then wait for the message on this day or the question at the meeting: "How was it?". And most likely you will not wait ...

In life, he behaves like a boomerang

For several days (or weeks!) You don’t hear anything about him, when he suddenly appears again in a cheerful mood, asking about how you are doing, and even with the ambiguous (and fake) “I miss it,” and it remains exactly the moment until he again comes to mind to disappear.

How to calculate a guy who needs only sex from you?