How to care for blond hair

������Unnatural blondes should tint the hair roots in time to make the hair look harmonious and beautiful. It is best to do this in the salon, where this procedure is performed with less damage to the health of the hair.
Buy special shampoo for bleached and blond hair. It is better to choose the tool, which consists of various plant extracts. Do not forget about the shampoo with UV filter, it will protect the hair from the negative effects of sunlight.
After washing your hair, apply a rinse balm from the same series as the shampoo. This tool should be kept on the hair no more than five minutes, after the expiration of which it must be washed off. You can rinse your head with plain water, to which lemon juice or chamomile extract is added, thanks to these natural components, your hair becomes shiny and beautiful.
Pay attention to the feeding masks.They are applied to clean, dried and combed hair. Keep them should be about ten minutes, and then wash off. Dry the strands with a towel, preferably a terry cloth. A hairdryer dries them a lot, and dyed or bleached hair is damaged even more.
Mask for blond hair can be made independently. Wash your hair with shampoo, which is added a pinch of soda. Lightly dry your hair with a towel, then apply acacia honey on them. Put the curls in a thin cloth or plastic bag, hold the mask for eight to ten hours (leave overnight).
Take a closer look at the tint blond hair care products. These can be shampoos and balms. These substances are presented with a wide range of choice of colors, you can make your hair reddish-golden or snow-white, depending on the original tone.
Be sure to care for the scalp. This will help you a variety of shampoos and masks that contain sea minerals and therapeutic mud. Refuse the comb with artificial bristles, it is more damaging to the hair and skin, the tree is best suited.