How to care for yourself in 2017

Start with hair. Clean, well-combed, beautifully laid hair will lift your spirits and give confidence. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time on a hairstyle and invent something intricate, watering it with a ton of lacquer. It is enough to spend a minimum of time in order to collect the hair in the tail, braid the braid, or simply dissolve it. Based on your hair type, find the right care for them. Good today there is a huge range of cosmetic products in various price categories. Purchase basic items such as shampoo, balsam, hair mask.
Make it a rule to care for your hands. Dry, cracked hands, dirty nails will be pushed away from you by your interlocutor, and surely they will give you discomfort. Carry a small tube of cream in your purse and moisturize your hands as needed. Give your nails a beautiful shape, apply a transparent or solid lacquer, and believe me, the result will please you.And yes, nobody canceled the rules of hygiene, wash your hands more often, or use antiseptic agents.
Arrange a holiday for your skin by taking a bath with salt and aromatic oils. Thus, you will not only wash away the dirt accumulated during the day, but also relieve fatigue. Allow yourself a trip to the spa, sauna, bath. Such procedures, at least once a month, will make your skin supple and fresh. But remember about the daily care (shower, hygiene), which will ensure that your skin will always be in perfect condition.
Do not forget that what is important is not only how you look, but also what smell comes from you. Everyone likes pleasant aromas, so choose a delicious perfume. And do not forget to use deodorant at any time of the year, and no matter what rhythm you live. Bad breath should cause you not only discomfort, but also an immediate desire to go to the dentist.