How to caress anus?

If you are already fed up with ordinary sexual intercourse and you want to try something new, you can surprise your partner with anusling. Perhaps you have not even heard such a word, but probably it’s time to learn more about it. It's very simple, the main thing is to know how to caress the anus so as to give pleasure to another person.

Preparing for anusling

Anusling, that is, oral defloration of the anus - that this is nothing but an exotic kind of sex, because it is associated with extreme. This is a universal occupation, which can engage both women and men. To this case should be well prepared. And we begin with hygiene.

  1. Hygiene. The most important thing in anusling is the hygiene of all genitals. This is not only washing the bikini area with flavored water at least twice a day, but also the absence of hair at the same place. Without this, it is impossible, otherwise small problems may arise. A large number of sweat glands go exactly to the crotch area, and the place there is practically not ventilated. In addition, there reigns an unpleasant odor, if not wash properly. This is the human physiology, so do not be surprised and turn away immediately.
  2. Enema.If you are planning anal sex or anusling, then be sure to spend a enema. Then there will be no hint of any olfactory or taste obstacles. It is better to put not one, but several enemas with herbal aromatic infusions. Even ordinary boiled water is better than nothing.
  3. Possession of hemorrhoid. If you can not imagine your sex without anusling, then engage in special anal training. Experts came up with a technique to strengthen the vaginal muscles, but they have not thought about the anus yet. Nevertheless, there are several secrets to strengthen the muscles of this area:
    • Tighten and relax hemorrhoidal and gluteal muscles in any free time.
    • Every day before going to bed, massage the anus with the index finger clockwise. Do at least 30 rounds after washing with cool water.
    • Lie face down and massage the buttocks with both hands until a slight pain occurs in the crotch area.

How to caress anus

If you decide on this kind of sex, then try to make your oral caress literate, otherwise nothing good will come of it.

Immediately I must say that such kinds of caresses need to start after a preliminary warm-up, and to think how to caress the female anus without cunnilingus is not worth it. Pose 69 is also well suited for anusling, but on the condition that you have a very flexible spine. There are some more ideal postures for such an interesting occupation:

Pose "active"

One of the partners, whether a woman or a man, lies down on his stomach, spreads or joins his legs. Suppose a man lies. Immediately it becomes clear how to caress the man anus. The woman attaches herself to the back, puts his legs between hers, spreads her buttocks lightly and begins to caress the anus with her tongue. The main thing is not to use too much effort to break the buttocks on the sides, so as not to cause pain.

Top with leg

The location of the partners will be the same as in the case of "Active", but only the foot of the supine should be bent at the knee to raise the pelvis above the bed. This is a very convenient way for such sex, because at the same time you can caress his or her genitals and accelerate orgasm.

Pose "passive"

The one who caresses to go face up, and the second partner hangs on top in the pose of "toilet".This posture can enhance pleasant sensations, exposing a large number of erogenous nerve endings.

Knee pose

For example, a woman stands at the edge of the bed in a knee-elbow position, and a man kneels next to her and caresses her anus.

Sex with anusling will give you a new, unforgettable experience. Maybe at first you will feel some shyness, but soon it will go away, and you will be able to enjoy this process to the fullest.