How to change a hand in a cop?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
September 23, 2014
How to change a hand in a cop?

Counter-Strike is a game in which fractions of a second can decide the outcome of a fight, so it is useful to know and be able to take advantage of certain advantages over the opponent in order to turn the game situation in its direction. One of such small, but very useful tricks is the change of the hand in which the weapon is located. Since the rifle model occupies a certain part of the screen, the visibility of some details remains beyond the reach of the player. To correct this lack of gameplay, the article will show console commands and a list of settings that will help you change your hand in cc.

CS GO - change hands

There are two ways to change a hand in a cop.

  1. We open the console () of the game and write the command in the command line: cl_righthand 0. The hand model changes instantly, so this command can be used during the match, adjusting the screen view to a specific case. Accordingly, in order to return the right hand again, you must register: cl_righthand 1.
  2. In xc go, you can change your hand using the settings. To do this, go to the game menu: Settings - Controller - Movement / review levers - Left-handed.

Change hands in Counter-Strike 1.6

In order to change the hand in CS 1.6, you can use the method already mentioned above: add the command cl_righthand to the game console. But there are two more ways to change a hand in COP 1.6:

  1. Go to the game menu: Options - Multiplayer - Advanced tab - Weapon alignment. From the drop-down menu, select: Left handed / Right handed.
  2. In the game itself use the key H - HELP. Choose one of the last two points: Use Left Hand / Use Right Hand.

When you minimize the game to the system tray in CS 1.6, sometimes there are situations when the hand automatically changes to the left, which is unacceptable for an overwhelming number of novice players, as they are not used to shooting with their left hand. To quickly switch between the left and right hand, you can resort to the following keys:

  • bind key 1 cl_righthand 1
  • bind key 2 cl_righthand 0

Instead of the values: "key 1" and "key 2" use buttons that are convenient for you. For example, F2 and F3. Then when you press the F2 button, the hand will change to the right, with F3 - to the left. Some professional players use fast hand switching to adapt the model to the game situation, which gives them a slight advantage, so you can learn from their experience by learning to shoot with two hands over time.