How to change it?

Almost every woman at least once in her life had an idea how to correct some traits and habits of her man, or how to change him. It rarely happens that everything suits a person. More often, on the contrary - irritation from scattered socks, resentment due to lack of attention or outrage due to lack of time for the family. How much women spend on it their nerves, time and energy for swearing or persuasion. And all to no avail.

It turns out there is a completely different approach. Not every woman can customize a man for herself, but some still manage to do it. First you need to figure out what not to do, so as not to destroy your relationship.

Should not be doing that

  • You can not openly manipulate a man or order him. By such behavior you only cause an internal protest. Remember the example from your childhood, when parents forbade you something, and at the same moment you wanted to do something in defiance of their opinion.
  • If you want to scream, force or order - stop.You are first and foremost a beloved and loving woman, not a grumpy grandmother.
  • Forget about the constant languid and sad sighs, followed by complaints and requests for a new coat or a beautiful little ringlet. This behavior only works the first time. Subsequently, the man will think about whether or not to find a woman more comfortable with his life and her position. From such behavior, the man quickly gets tired.
  • Never force your man to do something against his will. Otherwise, the responsibility for the consequences will fall on your stove: a collapsed cupboard that you forced the husband to collect or his constant absence at home, since you forced him to find a second job.

Ways to change a man

And now a list of what can and should be done to change your chosen one for the better.

  • Learn to put yourself in his place. Every person is by nature unique and has every right to remain himself. Think about it, but would you like his dissatisfaction with the constant waste, get-togethers with friends or endless telephone conversations? Of course not. In the same situation, he is. Reconsider your behavior and attitude towards your man.Perhaps you just need to give him a little bit of freedom.
  • Turn your demands into calm requests. Without scandal, one can always explain his anxieties and worries, for example, about delays after work. And to ask, it is to ask, and not to demand that he warn you in advance about his schedule.
  • Come up with an alternative to those hobbies that you do not like. For example, a husband spends more time with friends, preferring them to your company. Then honestly answer the question "Why?". Maybe spending time with you is limited to home gatherings or going to the store? And he needs communication, access to people and new impressions.
  • Always be affectionate with your husband. Never compare it with other men: a neighbor, a former suitor, or a boss. A man should constantly feel your love and support, do not forget to talk to him about it.
  • One of the best ways to reach a man and how to change him is to just talk. Explain to your chosen one what exactly does not suit you and why. In a calm and sincere conversation, you will surely come to the solution or compromise you need.The main thing is not to start such a conversation immediately after the man returns from work, otherwise it will be almost impossible to achieve positive results.
  • Want to make a real man out of a soft mattress? Nothing can change it so much like confidence and a sense of primacy in the family. Start at home � let him make his own decisions and take responsibility. Be sure to trust your loved one and believe in his power. And he, in turn, will do everything in his power to justify your trust.