How does a guy charm a guy?

Elena Shchugoreva
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How does a guy charm a guy?

Love spell can exist not only for love, but for various purposes. Just want to say that the guy's love spells for a guy for love purposes does not exist. Of course, sorcerers who work for money can offer this, but real healers and witches will not do this. All the conspiracies and love spells of white magicians are based on prayers, and in Orthodoxy, excuse me, the concept of same-sex love is not provided! Therefore, if you are interested in how to charm a guy, then most likely it is a question of easier understanding in joint projects, in business, etc. The guy may also want to charm the other guy to any girl.

Talk on affection

A love spell for mutual understanding and affection can be done only when things fall apart, scandals and discontent with each other become frequent. And with all this it is impossible to understand the reason for what is happening. If a witch or magician tells you that no one has damaged your relationship, then find out how to charm a guy.Love spell can be done by yourself, but it is best to entrust it to a specialist. He will hold a ritual, and you can back it up with a little conspiracy, which is popularly called �whisper�. He is read in the back of a colleague, a guy, or looking at the bright sun. The text is: �As Yarilo is dear to every living thing, like a mother loves her child, so I will be God's servant (name) and be loved by my servant (the name of the one who is bewitched). Amen!"

To charm a guy for a girl

It should be understood that this intervention in someone else's life, and it does not pass without a trace for someone who orders a love spell. If the situation is such that the guy acts very dishonestly towards any girl, does not want to marry her or quit, and she dies with anguish, then you can resort to conspiracy. But still it is worthwhile to think many times, maybe it is better to make a conspiracy to remove the longing or to have her successfully married? If there is even the slightest opportunity not to resort to a love spell, then use it. And if you really decide, then contact a specialist! Never bewitch anyone on your own, because magicians can take off "return" from the conspiracy, and you, as an amateur, do not know how! And even the guy will not help, and spoil your life!