How to check on the enterprise

SpendcheckOnly authorized bodies (migration service, labor and employment service, tax authorities, DAEC, UBEP, etc.) can do this.
Inspections should be carried out only in the presence of the manager or his authorized representative. However, there is an exhaustive list of checks, where the presence of the head of the company is not necessary. These are: - Operational-search measures during the investigation;
- Operational-search measures in the production of inquiries;
- Operational-search measures in the conduct of administrative and other investigations;
- Banking and currency control;
- Tax control;
- Monitoring compliance with the legislation on countering the legalization of income, which is obtained by illegal means;
- Other checks required by law.
It is necessary to ensure without fail the provision of all necessary documents to inspection bodies and non-interference in their work.
Remember, each of the checks has only its own authorized functions. So, for example, the tax authorities, as opposed to the investigative (operational search), are not entitled to seize any original documents, but can only require a copy of them, etc. With all this, in fact, any verification is drawn up a corresponding act.
If you notice that the verification is carried out in violation of the current legislation, your rights and established standards, ask for the official certificate of the verifier; write down the position and full name employee of the supervisory authority, the date of inspection, the start and end of the inspection.